Back To Basics—The Humanity of the Unborn Child

Probably everyone likes to run across an idea being promoted by another group of individual that reflects their own thinking. This is what happened when we received an invitation to a meeting of the Genesee New York Country Right to Life recently.

The Public Is Confused on Abortion

The Genesee letter pointed out that at least half the people in our country are still confused as to where they stand on abortion. They have been getting conflicting information over the past 34 years and can’t say exactly where they stand on this important issue.

The letter further says that since 1990 pro-abortion forces have poured millions into a national campaign to convince those still conflicted that the main consideration is always the woman whose “right” to have an abortion always overrides the right of her baby to go on living. Always. They have even stopped arguing that the unborn child is not a human being. Of course he is. But the slogan of slogans is always: “Who Decides?” And the answer is always, “The Woman.” They appeal to a large number of people, women especially, since virtually half the women of child bearing age have now had an abortion, and many of these have had multiple abortions.

The letter then says that the early pioneers of the pro-life movement had a strategy which was to demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that an unborn child at any stage of development was a total human being and that what Americans needed to see was this human being, the real victim of abortion. We went into schools, churches, civic groups, out on the streets with the facts and the pictures, always with the pictures: prenatal life and aborted victims. Slowly the message was getting out to the man on the streets: Abortion is ugly, abortion is murder, abortion kills fellow human beings.

Have We Forgotten the Child?

Then with the disastrous Webster decision the pro-aborts with a sympathetic press and well funded medial campaigns took the focus away from the baby being killed and got all the attention focused on the woman. The public, while in many cases condemning abortion, feel that they must allow it in hard cases. The focus has switched almost exclusively on the woman.

Americas with the assistance of pro-abortion politicians and a slavish press, began to endure abortion, began to live with it, even reluctantly, all for the sake of the woman who was all too ready to claim that she needed abortion, even the most gruesome kind. Doctors without a shred of proof said they needed to perform even partial birth abortions. People who knew aborting was wrong, was immoral, was destroying our future, was a form of blasphemy, had been brainwashed into believing it was a woman’s right.

Pro-Life Must Return to Basics

So now, pro-life must return its full attention, once for all, on the child. Pro-life must focus its full attention on the humanity, and the value of the child, and look directly at the sin of a society that wipes out its own posterity. We must return to the basics. Because, unless people are convinced that this is truly a baby in the womb, one of us, our child, our neighbor, no other arguments will succeed.

So it’s back to the basics. It’s back to the facts, the medical proof, the pictures. That has always been and still is the only way we will win this battle of life over death. That’s what the Genesee County Right to Life is insisting on its members doing, and we are of the same mind.

Sure, many even with the facts will remain pro-abortion, but we’re looking on those millions who are ambivalent or who still believe the woman is the victim, and who still believe she somehow has a right to kill her children, so long as they are yet unborn.

For too long many pro-lifers have stopped concentrating on the child, and have tried other tactics to win people over, most of which don’t work. Be advised that a national Pro-Life Action Network conference is being planned, at which meeting more effective and aggressive educational tactics will be discussed.

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