Pro-Life Boycotts Bear Fruit This Christmas

A happy and prayerful Thanksgiving to all our Action News Hotline devotees. We figure this installment will take care of the whole week, as people will be driving all over creation to be with family and loved ones during these festive days, and probably won’t give one thought to this Hotline.

Pro-Life Boycotts Work

Among the many things to be thankful this Thanksgiving is a recent report from Arlene Sawicki on a pro-life protest that worked.

During the past few Christmas holidays the Target stores refused to let the Salvation Army set up its fund-raising kettles in front of Target stores. The public, led by pro-life activists, urged shoppers to avoid buying at Target in protest to their uncharitable decision.

This year Target has pledged one-million dollars The Salvation Army, and has also launched a “Be An Angel” campaign that is urging customers to put money in the kettles. Target has gone back to using the “Christmas” word instead of the “Holiday” word. Arlene asks just who it is that says our protests don’t work and is urging us to thank the folks at Target.

Shades of last Christmas when the League called a boycott of American Girl Dolls for giving money to a pro-abortion group, Girls, Inc. The boycott worked and American Girl cut off relations with Girls, Inc. So now you can buy your daughter an American Girl doll. And oh, yes, and you can start shopping at Target again.

NARAL Pushes Plan B Poison

Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, is heading up a campaign to get the dangerous anti-life drug, Plan B, an abortifacient, into every drug store in America for over-the-counter sales without a prescription. She says it is up to NARAL to make sure every woman in the land can get the drug over the counter, “in every town and city.”

NARAL has been able to get Wal-Mart to stock it in all their stores. So avoid shopping at Wal-Mart like the plague, and let them know why.

Plan B will eventually be removed from the market, due to the fact that it is dangerous to women’s health. A single birth control pill requires a prescription, yet a double dose (or more) of essentially the same poison, can be given out to young girls without a prescription. Does this make any sense? Of course not, but who cares? Certainly not the abortaholics.

We predict that these lethal drugs will off the market within two years. We just wonder how many women and girls will have to die until then.

Poor Steinberg Wrong—Again and Again

Neil Steinberg, the columnist in the Chicago Sun-Times who is always wrong, is celebrating because South Africa has legalized gay marriage. Neil told his wife that it’s a sad day when South Africa sprints ahead of the U. S. regarding human rights.

Neil apparently believes two men getting married is hunky-dory and a real human right. Most people see it quite clearly as a human perversion and a human wrong—and somewhat disgusting, too.

The Steinbergs wonder why religious people need someone to hate all the time. They think it’s part of their religion. Actually, the answer is simple: Religious people don’t hate the people who do disgusting, rotten things, like sodomy; what they hate are the disgusting, rotten things these people do. They love the people, but not their sins.

The fact that homosexuals are sick and do sick things bothers religions people, who want more than anything to help these people get well. They can’t just pretend these sins are natural and must be approved of.

While homosexuals have fooled the Steinbers and others into believing sodomy is just hunkey dory, cooler minds don’t buy the lie, but are trying to help homosexuals deal with their sickness in a dignified way, by fighting the perversion.

Neil thinks religion produces a fog that keeps people from seeing the truth. The opposite is true. Religious people, knowing God’s will in moral matters, have a clear grasp of good and evil, and refuse to flow with the popular tide that makes no distinction but make up the rules as they go along.

For instance, I hate how wrong Steinberg is, but I don’t hate him. And I pray that he comes over to the right side some day.

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