Ask Lame Duck Congress to Fight For Life

Wouldn’t it be a minor miracle if there were such determination to right the terrible wrong of abortion, that the lame duck Republicans who for only another six weeks still have a majority in both houses of Congress, would use that time to save some lives. Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party thinks something could be done while the Republicans are still in power, and he is asking you to help him, and them, do it.

Congress: Fight for Life before It’s Too Late

Here’s his plan: Urge your congressman to encourage public hearings on HR 552, the Right to Life bill to ban all abortion. It’s been shelved since 1995. It has more than one-hundred sponsors and has been called up several times but has gone nowhere.

To call it up again pro-lifers would have to contact Duncan Hunter of California at 202-225-5672. He’s the bill’s sponsor. You could also contact Steve Chabot of Ohio, chair of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, and Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Another boon to the unborn would be calling up the Health and Human Services Appropriations bill, HR 5647, to defund Medicaid surgical and chemical abortion and defund Planned Parenthood from receiving its customary annual one- hundred million dollars from Title X and Medicaid. This Health and Human Services bill has already passed the House Committee on Appropriations and needs to be taken up on the House floor. This bill would also cut off artificial birth control for unmarried adolescents.

Last year alone (2004-2005) Planned Parenthood performed more than a quarter of a million abortions—with your money and mine. As of this moment, there are still 229 Republicans in the House of Representatives to only 201 Democrats. On January 3 there will be 232 Democrats to only 203 Republicans. So remember, it’s HR 5647.

You can reach our Representatives by calling 202-224-3121 and ask for your own Representatives or the Bills’ sponsors. Do it for the babies, do it for Howard, or do it so you can say you did something as a last-ditch effort just before the barbarian hoards of pro-abortion Democrats arrived on the national scene, burning and pillaging the Constitution. For more information contact.

Auf Wieder Sehen, Deutschland

A recent story making the rounds says Germany’s population is shrinking at such a rapid rate as deaths exceed births, that the decline can no longer be stopped. While the German government is doing all it can to stop the decline with tax write-offs, allowances for families with newborns, and the expansion of child-care facilities to encourage more children, it isn’t working.

Births will decline to half a million annually by 2050 as the population of octogenarians will rise from 4 to 10 million. Germany’s population is currently 82 million and will drop to 75 million by 2050, and then on down down, down.

What is true of Germany is also true of France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain. The only country in Europe growing in population is little Malta. The population explosion folks are slinking around corners looking mighty foolish these days.

Bob Casey—Fake Pro-Lifer

What mighty defenders of the unborn our sterling politicians are, we say with a twinge of sarcasm. For instance, pro-life Democrat Bob Casey of Pennsylvania who ran against Rick Santorum and beat him, campaigned as a pro-lifer, but says he will filibuster any and all pro-life judges who may be appointed by Bush.

With pro-lifers like that, the unborn babies are ill served. Yet people were fooled by the big promise that was no real promise at all.

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