Despite Dismal Election Results, Pro-Life Activism Goes On

As President George W. Bush put it, the Republicans took a drubbing Tuesday. With loss of the U.S. House or Representatives and the U.S. Senate, with Democrat governors far outnumbering Republicans, and with the Bar Scene from Star Wars now heading Congressional committees—Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, Ted Kennedy, Patrick Lahey, John Conyers and others—the country is in one big mess!

The line-up is formidable—enough to make you want to leave the country. America is in big trouble. But as we always say, our job goes on under good or bad legislatures, presidents or courts. Out work on the streets, in front of the abortion mills, on the college campuses, wherever we are needed to save babies and their mothers, that’s where we’ll be. You be there, too.

Abortion Ban Overturned in South Dakota

We were distressed that Referred Law 6, the tough anti-abortion law, lost in South Dakota. Some of the stalwarts who worked diligently to pass the law believe one reason for the 45-55 loss was some pro-lifers’ showing more concern for the baby than for the woman having the abortion. Still others believe too much concern was given to the woman at the expense of the unborn victim. Others thought the law needed exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother.

Those who would not allow these exceptions maintained that the strong bill, which passed by the legislature and was signed by the governor, is still the law the people of South Dakota want, not one weakened by exceptions. It will be interesting when the dust settles, to see what their new plan will be.

If we learned anything from our visits to South Dakota, it’s that these pro-lifers never say die. The League would be glad to take a series of Truth Tours out there to let everybody in South Dakota take a good look at what abortion does to their little boys and girls. Supportive of showing the graphic pictures, we believe this would be an ideal opportuniyy to show once and for all, the effectiveness of the graphic pictures.

Planned Parenthood lies when it says that abortion is necessary for women’s lives and health. The truth is that abortion is never necessary for a woman, but is always the destruction of her moral health and often of her physical health.

If South Dakota reintroduces the bill with exceptions for rape and incest, the effort is pointless. If the law is reintroduced with the original wording, the only exception being to prevent the death of the mother, and supporters concentrate on the violence done to the unborn child, a referrundum would most likely pass.

Next time, activists should blanket the state with Truth Tours from Sioux Falls to Rapid City. The League is ready to go West in ’08.

Illinois Family Being Sued by Abortionist

We know how Dan and Angela Michel feel. This active pro-life couple and their eleven children from southern Illinois are facing financial loss at the hands of the abortionist Yogendra Shaw of Hope Abortion Clinic in Granite City, IL. Like NOW v. Scheidler, the Michels are in court due to their effective counseling outside the abortuary—counseling that has robbed Shaw of many of many customers.

Fortunately, they have our lawyer, Tom Brejcha, helping them with this case. If you, too, want to help them, call Tom at 312-782-1680 and offer him a hand—or a few dollars.

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