All Eyes on South Dakota Referendum Tomorrow

Tuesday is that once-every-two-years nail-biter. We will vote early and then listen to the return with charts and diagrams and pictures and try to figure out what it means for the children. Maybe this year with the various referenda on ballets around the country it could mean change for the better.

All Eyes on South Dakota Tomorrow

We are especially watching the referendum on Referred Law No. 6 in South Dakota, which will accept or reject the state’s ban on most abortions. The outcome is too close to predict, but we have a feeling the referendum will get a “yes.” Why? Well, we’ve been out there twice and saw the careful planning and the diligence of the pro-lifers across the state, and met some of the greatest Americans alive today, working to get out the vote.

True, the baby killers have slick TV ads pro-lifers can’t afford, but truth is with pro-life and not in the deceptive pro-abortion ads. We are the good guys and we think the good guys are going to win. So say a prayer.

Another big question is whether either house of Congress will go to the pro-abortion Democrats. While it will be close for both houses, we think when the dust settles we’ll find the American people will have voted to retain a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. If we’re wrong, we’ll eat humble pie. But that’s our prediction. Come back Wednesday for our comments.

Activism Transcends Politics

But whatever happens Tuesday, the League’s course is clear, to go out on the streets, to the abortion mills, with graphic signs, protest injustice, train others, and remain aggressive in the battle for the lives of the helpless unborn. You don’t need Congress on your side to close down abortion mills, and you don’t need government support to tell the world that abortion is cold blooded murder. Our fight goes on unimpeded under either party.

Partial Birth Abortion Case in the High Court

On Wednesday the partial birth abortion ban, voted into law three years ago and sitting in limbo ever since, will be argued before the United States Supreme Court. In interviews we’ve done on this issue we present a optimistic view, suggesting that whenever the Supreme Court finally votes on it, the court will declare the ban legal, probably by a 5 to 4 majority. We say this because Anthony Kennedy voted for it three years ago, as did Thomas and Scalia, and we are confident Roberts and Alito will also vote “yes” on the ban.

The secular press is trying to make it appear that Partial Birth Abortion is necessary surgery, and that women will die without it, and that a ban would deny most late abortions, none of which is true. There is never a need to perform this gross form of killing, but in fact, partial birth abortion is always counter indicated. Partial birth abortion is performed for the doctor’s sake, to make sure the abortion cannot produce a live child as some other methods of late term abortion do. He performs it because it always kills the baby.

Old Time Abortionists

Say a prayer for some abortionists who have died recently. One is Dr. Jane Hodgson, 91, the first U. S. Doctor convicted of performing an illegal abortion in l970, three years before Roe. She went on to spend her life defending abortion and performing them in Duluth, MN. I visited her abortuary mill in Duluth once, and recommend that they stop doing abortions. I wonder if now she wishes she had taken my suggestion.

Another old time abortion promoter, Dr. Judith Arcana, who is still hanging on, was one of the scary Janes who did illegal abortions at the University of Chicago before l973. She was recently a guest of Loyola University, where she enthralled Catholic students with stories of late term abortions she did under the direction of an abortionist who was not even a doctor.

Tom Roeser writes her story in a recent Wanderer. He wonders why a Catholic university would cart in an abortionists to explain how refreshing it was to kill some 7,000 children even when abortion was illegal. A copy for this story for the asking at 773-777-2900, with your promise that you will write the powers that be at Loyola and ask them why Arcana was invited to tell young men and women of the glories and delights of performing abortion. You won’t get an answer, but you may make them uncomfortable.

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