Abortion Supporters Are Unfit for Elective Office

We apologize profusely for the gap in Action News Hotlines this past week. Our only excuse is that your editor made back to back trips to South Dakota, Michigan and New York in rapid succession, the League held another Truth Tour, and we are in the midst off requests from all over the country from people who turn to us for answers for a myriad of political and ethical questions, all of which absorbs much time, effort and often requires some research. But, here we are again.

The Betrayal of Our National Ideals

As we view the political scene at this election time, it becomes clear to us that Americans are being and have been betrayed by many of their political representatives. Most politicians, and an entire Political Party, the Democrats, routinely and blatantly defy the principles of integrity and high moral values demanded of such leaders by those who set up this government when they founded this nation.

George Washington was haunted by the possibility that dishonest, unprincipled men might some day take over the country. He made it clear that our form of government could function only under the leadership of principled, strong and moral people, and that if ever good men were replaced by evil ones, our government would not only flounder and lose direction, but would become an enemy to its countrymen, and an evil force in society in general.

It would have sent Washington, and all of those who established this country on Christian principles, to an early grave if he and they could have seen what has happened to America in recent years. The thought that what they risked everything for, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, in order to establish a godly government for generations to come, would end up as it has, in a morass of pornography, child-killing, promiscuity, epidemic venereal disease, casual divorce, godless schools, pantheist churches, legalized sodomy, trashy entertainment, and the applauding of open immorality as a way of life, would have shocked and saddened them.

If they has seen some of the men and women who dash to occupy government offices today, they would have wondered what ever happened to their glorious plan for a nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. Yet, God has been removed from the public market and most of society as we sail rudderless out to a sea of troubles. Thomas Jefferson trembled whenever he considered that God is just, yet we are urged by the courts not to even mention God, and apparently not even to look for or expect justice.

Unfit for Office

There should never even be a pro-abortion candidate, or a candidate who supports gay marriage. People who have so blatantly abandoned morality and justice are not fit candidates for any public office. No one, man or women, is fit to govern other human beings when he or she supports the murder of the most helpless and innocent in our society, the unborn, or when he or she supports the perversion of sodomy. Public office should be closed to anyone who supports debased moral practices like child killing and homosexual unions.

Much as we must and do love the sinner, the sin they commit is offensive to God and man, and can never be condoned. These evils are not only destructive of the individuals involved in them, but destructive of the whole society.

Such candidates who support them are the enemies of the people and the enemies of the state. Those who put these candidates in office, or even vote for them, are guilty of sin, and most probably grave sin.

This is the message we have been spreading across the country this election year, and we hope and pray that more people will heed this message than will ignore it as they blindly vote into office dangerous and traitorous politicians. The nation’s very soul is at stake in this year’s elections.

So pray during the next few days that pro-abort, pro-gay rights, moral relativists and pragmatists will stay away from the polls and only God-fearing men and women will be prompted to visit their polling booths to begin the process of making this once more a great nation under God. Pray hard, then get out there and vote.

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