Georgetown Law Names Chair after Pro-Abort Fr. Drinan

Arlene Sawicki informs us that Georgetown University’s Law Center has established the Rev. Robert F. Drinan Chair in Human Rights.

Georgetown Honors Pro-Abort Fr. Drinan

Fr. Drinan of Massachusetts, as old-time pro-lifers will recall, was a sure pro-abortion vote in the Congress of the United States, and was eventually ordered out of the Congress by Pope John Paul II himself, but not before Drinan had helped send millions of unborn babies to their deaths by abortion. Fr. Drinan was known among pro-lifers as “Father Death.” I literally ran into him once in Washington and I thought I had seen a ghost.

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International, commenting on this academic travesty says, “At 85, Fr. Drinan doesn’t need another hypocritical award. He needs to be in a monastery praying for the salvation of his soul, and while he’s at it, he might also pray for Georgetown’s return to full communion with the Catholic Church.” Amen to that, Father.

Fox’s Claims for ES Cells Unfounded

We don’t know if Michael J. Fox had gone off his medicine, or was hyping his illness for some TV ads or what, but one thing we know for sure is that the whole campaign to get embryonic stem cells used for human experiments is one big PR farce, and an exercise in blatant hypocrisy.

First of all, there are all manner of grotesque experiments already going on using these human lives, but they’re done with private funds. What the propagandists want is for the taxpayers to pay for their experiments.

So they invent preposterous stories that human embryo parts will cure every disease known to man, even though there has not been a single cure using these embryonic stem cells; the only cures have come and are coming from the use of adult stem cells, which moral people can support. Use of embryonic stem cells has been a disaster from every angle.

But the Michael J. Foxes of this country will run around demanding money from people who don’t like to kill human beings to get their parts for other human beings. Sorry Michael, use your own money to kill; don’t force me to use mine.

Wrong Again, Neil

Neil Steinberg, who is always wrong, piles up a bunch of off base personal preferences in his Wednesday column in the Chicago Sun-Times. He is all for the forced use of your tax money and mine to do human experiments on what he calls “a handful of human cell clumps.”

He loves a blasphemous book called Letter to a Christian Nation, by Sam Harris and which mocks morality and religion in general. Neil says it’s a neat trick the way Harris dismisses the Ten Commandments, which are seen only as an excuse for religious intolerance, nothing more.

Then Steinberg goes Harris one better and compares religion to a hobby, like collecting spoons, or a sport like watching a baseball game. Neil says whether you believe in angels or Charlie’s Angels is just a matter of style. Help!

But whatever you think about Neil’s godless Sun-Times column, you do have to hand him one thing. He is consistent—consistently wrong, that is. He just doesn’t know how wrong he is. But he does read Dante’s Divine Comedy to his boys, and maybe they’ll turn out better.

Evidence Mounts on the Pill and Breast Cancer

Meanwhile, evidence keeps mounting that oral contraceptives increase the risk of breast cancer and an article in the January 2006 New England Journal of Medicine, one in the October 2006 Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, as well as one in the October 2006 Mayo Clinic Proceedings confirm the increased risk.

One of these days the pill pushers are going to get their come-uppance when they have to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that there is a strong cause and effect link between oral birth control pills and the plague of breast cancer. And they will.

We are obliged to Ruben Obregon for his full report on this tragedy—a tragedy that has been kept so successfully out of the public eye by the ever cowardly and deceptive contraception crowd.

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