“Contraception Is Not the Answer,” Says Mahatma Ghandi

The two-hundred pro-lifers who attended the Pro-Life Action Ministries banquet in Orlando FL Saturday seemed eager to renew their commitment to activism and determined to drive the baby-killers from their midst.

The Key to Ending Abortion

There was agreement that if those of us who call ourselves pro-life activists would each make a sound commitment to get out to the abortuaries even occasionally, it would not be long until every one in the country would have to close down. It is a matter of getting people to come to where the killing takes place in order to end the carnage.

It will take a strong determination by all activists to stop abortion, but such determination can and will in time win the battle for the lives of the unborn. This is the message I harp on wherever I go, and when pro-lifers take it to heart, miraculous things happen. It will some day end the killing. Chemical abortions will not be the answer to this problem for the abortion crowd—these lethal drugs and devices are messing up women’s lives and destroying their health. In time they will be outlawed.

Women Who Regret Abortion

As part of a program to counter the MS magazine ad featuring a thousand women who claim that they are proud that they killed their unborn children, Priests for Life and other groups are running ads featuring the names of women who regret their abortions. To register contact Silent No More Awareness or call Renewed Hope Ministry at 951-361-9355 and ask for Karen.

“Gay-Point” Average

Remember the old days when a college was judged by its academic rating or student grade point average? No more. Now they are being judged on “Gay-point average,”—how well they have surrendered to the homosexuals on campus. They’re graded on their coming out programs and domestic partner benefits.

There is now a College Guide for LGBT Students, a new book that rates 100 colleges and universities as to their gay agenda. Columbia College in Chicago rates 10, Northwestern and U of I 17, Northern gets a 16 and De Paul, even with its special gay classes, only rates a 12. We wonder what Notre Dame gets with its gay movie week and its lesbian play? When did society lose its mind?

“Contraception Is Not the Answer,” says Gandhi

It’s good to know which celebrities are on your side. One we welcome is Mahatma Gandhi who cold have been a speaker at our recent “Contraception is Not the Answer” conference. Gandhi wrote : “Contraception is a dismal abyss, an insult to womanhood, inconsistent with her dignity.” He said its widespread use would be “likely to result in the dissolution of the marriage bond and result in free love.” Contraception, Gandhi said, is “like putting a premium on vice, making man and woman reckless . . . it will be the undoing of man.”

He saw contraception as leading to pre- and extramarital sex, the acceptance of homosexual acts and other perversions. “It is futile to hope that the use of contraceptives will be restricted to the regulation of progeny” he said . “There is hope for a decent life only so long as the sexual act is definitely related to the conception of precious life . . . divorce of sex from its natural consequence leads to hideous promiscuity and unnatural vice.”

Gandhi called abortion a crime and did not admit of exceptions, saying that one exception for abortion would lead to another, until abortion would finally become general.

Hold Strong, Scouts!

Because the Boy Scouts of America ban gay leaders and take an oath to God, they can’t use a public marina in Berkeley, CA, can’t get donations in Connecticut, are being tossed out of their headquarters in Philadelphia and are being persecuted routinely across the country. So, tip your hat to the ACLU for these travesties.

We hope the Scouts hold firm to their commitment to decency and allegiance to Almighty God. Too many chicken groups are collapsing like punctured balloons under a little persecution. Please, not the Boy Scouts!

ND Wants More Catholic Teachers

And for a happier piece of news. The University of Notre Dame, according to an AP story, doesn’t think it has enough Catholic professors just 54 Percent. So it’s compiling a list of Catholic teachers across the world to see which ones might be invited to Notre Dame. The Law School has the most Catholic professors at present. When I was teaching there in the 60’s that was not a problem.

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