Aurora, IL Abortionist Evicted—by Another Abortionist!

There’s a recent victory in the abortion wars right here in the Illinois as we learn from Joan Solms that the infamous Aurora, IL death trap of Alexander Jackobowski has been shut down tight as a drum.

Infamous Jackobowski Abortuary CLOSED

Present abortion provider Lewis Meyer is no longer performing abortions there, and in fact, the building is for sale, though the price is horrendous for this ugly shack—$375,000!

As we say a prayer of thanksgiving that women will no longer be visiting this death camp to have their babies killed, we also say a prayer in reparation for the murders that have taken place there over the years, as well as a prayer for the conversion of all those who had any part in the operation of this killing factory. Even the media are becoming slowly aware that the abortion business is suffering a crisis of clinic closings.

Over the summer some two dozen abortuaries have been forced to close and these closings tell a story of general disillusionment with the image of abortion as the great liberator, the emancipator of women and the exercise of free choice. Abortion is being seen more and more as a tyrant, trapping women into relationships they didn’t want and loading them with guilt and depression.

Feticide Gets Life in Prison

In Philadelphia, Stephen Poaches has been convicted of killing his pregnant girlfriend, LaToyia Figueroa, who refused to have an abortion. Judge Teresa Sarmina found Poaches guilty of two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of 24-year-old LaToyia and her unborn child.

He was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. He had planned the killings in advance, and escaped the death penalty by agreeing to wave his right to appeal.

GFL Curriculum Published

Generations for Life, the youth arm of the Pro-Life Action League, has just published its comprehensive training curriculum for youth groups, consisting of ten chapters covering all aspects of a pro-life youth program. The chapters answer why a pro-life club, life topics, activism, advertising, fundraising, prayers and resources.

It is the most comprehensive pro-life organizational document on the market today. Much time and effort has gone into this document.

Will Bishops Have Courage on Contraception?

There is considerable speculation concerning a new directive on the morality of contraception, to be presented to U. S. priests, that will be discussed at the National Council of Catholic Bishops meeting in November. While we suspect the document will present accurately the true teaching of the Catholic Church on contraception, our guess is that its use will be more optional than mandatory, but we hope we’re wrong.

It should be absolutely mandated that couples be told that contraception is now, and always has been, a serious matter and that it cannot be simply “left up to one’s conscience.” Watch for a story on this subject in an upcoming issue of “The National Catholic Register” by Barbara Ernster.

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