As Pro-Life Gains, Discrimination Against Pro-Lifers Grows

More than 300 pro-lifers honored Our Lady Of the New Millennium Saturday with a Mass said by Bishop John Manz at Our Lady of Pompeii, and prayed at the Millennium Statue of the across from the Washington Street abortion clinic operated by Family Planning Associates.

Bishop Manz’ homily on our duty to protect the helpless unborn inspired, as did talks by Julie McCreevy and Ann Scheidler. I arrived late from a talk in St. Louis, MO, Saturday noon, but was still able to give a brief talk to the group on the sacrifices we must make for the cause of life.

Mistreated for Being Pro-Life? Share Your Story

Last week I attended pro-life gatherings in South Bend, Baltimore, St. Louis and two events in Chicago. In Orland Park on Saturday fifty pro-lifers witnessed for life in front of the Planned Parenthood offices and clinic. I will be speaking at pro-life rallies in Duluth, MN and Mauston, WI this week.

Meanwhile, as pro-life strength grows and more minor victories are recorded, the abortion crowd grows more irrational, with governors forcing pharmacists to dispense lethal abortifacients, medical students being forced to learn the abortion trade and ABC-TV running a one-hour special on the issue on forcing healthcare officials to refer for abortions.

It seems that where the baby killers’ rights to kill helpless unborn children are concerned, pro-lifers are being told they have no right to obey their informed consciences. “Intolerable” is too mild a word for what the secularists are doing, such as ambulance drivers who refuse to take women for elective abortions being fired, doctors who won’t dispense abortion pills being censured.

Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations is looking for stories from people like you who have been discriminated against because of your moral beliefs. If you have a story to tell, e-mail Dr. Stevens or call 423-844-1047. Your story might be the one that breaks the camel’s back on discrimination.

Bishops To Address Contraception

In other news, the timeliness of our “Contraception is not the Answer” conference in September is being born our with the announcement that even the American Bishops will be studying the issue at their national conference in Baltimore November 16 through 19. We said at the opening of our conference that it was certainly history-making, and already the contraception deception is gaining national attention from many quarters.

It will be most interesting to see just what kind of document the Bishops are being asked to consider. We hope it is as thorough and as comprehensive as our conference was.

Perhaps even some of those who said our attack on contraception was suicidal, such as the New York Times, will have to take a sober second look when the Bishops get on board. Perhaps the Bishops will help lead other pro-life groups to confront the tap root cause of abortion.

Operation Rescue Activists Arrested

An Operation Rescue Truth Truck has been impounded in Okalahoma City and two men placed under citizen’s arrest and jailed for praying outside the home of abortionist Nareshkumar Patel. Randy Blaise and Rick Dugan were arrested by a rich resident and turned over to police.

Patel has been in trouble with the law, having been arrested for burning aborted babies in a field, for dispensing dangerous drugs, unprofessional conduct and sexual battery. You’d think a decent community would give medals of honor to anyone who would picket this creep—not arrest them!

William Karl Gibson, Rest in Peace

William Karl Gibson, father of pro-life activist Brian Gibson, is being buried Monday in Battle Creek, MI . Father of nine children and 25 grandchildren, Bill was a strong Catholic Leader, served as Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus and will be sorely missed. Please pray for the repose of his soul.

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