Federal Courts Revisit Doe v. Bolton, 1973 Companion to Roe

Reports are out that sometime next week the United States Supreme Court is scheduled to reconsider the landmark 1973 Doe v. Bolton abortion ruling. This in response to a lawsuit brought by the case’s original plaintiff, Sandra Cano, the “Mary Doe” in the Doe v. Bolton case.

Doe v. Bolton Based on Lies

Cano claims that she was pressured by American Civil Liberties Union attorney Margie Pitts Hames to ask for an abortion, but that she never wanted an abortion, and indeed did not get one. Cano says the Doe case was based on fraud.

Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe v. Wade, earlier tried to prove that her case was also based on fraud and that she had never been raped as she had originally claimed. Her case was dismissed.

The two cases together in 1973 effectively nullified all state laws regulating abortion, leaving abortion on demand in this country for any reason or no reason throughout the full nine-months of pregnancy. This insane ruling became the new law of the land and has so far resulted in the violent and painful deaths of over fifty million unborn children.

Recent polls show that 75 percent of Americans oppose most abortions. Cano argues that vast advances have been made in medical and scientific knowledge since 1973, but that the laws on abortion have been ” frozen” since then. It is time for the abortion decisions to be reversed.

Cano says she never signed the papers requesting an abortion, but that her signature is either forged or the papers were slipped in with other documents and signed without her knowledge as to what they actually were requesting.

Cano says she has become a prisoner of the case that was used to bring about the national carnage. She was treated like pawn, and even heard a judge say it didn’t really matter if she were a real person or not. The case would be decided in favor of abortion even without a client.

“Well,” she states emphatically, ” I am real, and it does matter.”

Cano has affidavits from over one-thousand women who have been hurt by abortion. She has filed a Rule 60 Motion to reverse Doe which is on its way to the Supreme Court through the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. Stay tuned.

On the Road in October

It is travel-time at the League. Trips this month include Mishawaka IN, Baltimore MD, St. Louis MO, Duluth MN, Mauston WI, Orlando FL, Rapid City SD and Kalamazoo MI, not to mention a number of local talks. It must be Respect Life month.

Letter Calls on Trib To Look at NFP

We have discovered only one letter in response to the story that appeared in the Chicago Tribune for Sunday, September 24, on our “Contraception Is Not the Answer” two-day conference. We are not surprised, since nearly every level of society is scared to death of the issue.

Even many clergy who know the serious moral note, that use of artificial contraception is a grave sin, prefer to use the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” approach to contraception. Don’t ask me about it and I won’t tell you just how bad it is in the eyes of God and the Church.

But the letter from Jennifer Woods of Frankfort, IL says the article by Tribune reporter Judith Graham showed just how much education on contraception is needed. Woods pointed out that there are very effective natural means for delaying pregnancy if one has a sufficient reason, and she expresses her hope that the Tribune will do a follow-up story to explain natural family planning and how it is a healthy way to avoid the terrible consequences of artificial contraception.

We are not holding our breath.

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