Press Wants Parents in the Dark about Teen Abortions

Planned Parenthood is sponsoring a contest for pro-aborts to hold Potluck House Parties all across the nation this weekend to raise money to defeat the abortion ban referendum in South Dakota.

Pot-Luck Dinners for Death

Leaders of PP’s “Stand Up South Dakota” are asking abortion-supporters to use their online tools to create, manage and promote these parties to see who can raises the most money for the fight to defeat the bill. The one who wins gets a Paul Newman gift basket and a trip to New York to meet Cecile Richards, new head of Planned Parenthood. Wow!

Pot-luck dinners harken back to church socials. Is Planned Parenthood trying to send the message that they’re just good old-fashioned traditional folks after all? Will it work?

Strange Views on Parental Notification

Poor Jennifer Hunter, who writes a column for the Chicago Sun-Times! Wednesday she was given the job of writing in support of the Parental Notification law, which is her paper’s editorial position—but not hers.

She just couldn’t stand it. She doesn’t like the law. After all, why should a teenybopper tell her folks she’s undergoing invasive surgery to kill their grandchild. It’s her own business. Jennifer says that, anyway, abortion isn’t dangerous—not nearly as bad as an appendectomy.

And besides, abortion providers are clean and safe and oh so concerned for her daughter’s safety. It takes brave souls to do abortions.

You won’t believe this scary column unless you read it yourself. Then say a prayer for Jennifer Hunter. She needs prayers.

Then there’s Cindly Richards, also a Sun-Times writer and wonderful mother who doesn’t think kids should tell their parents when they’re gong to have their baby murdered. She calls a parental notification law, “madness . . . an unnecessary burden . . . a waste of time . . . a waste of taxpayer’s money.”

Cindy gets her wisdom, guidance, and so-called facts from Planned Parenthood. Pray also for Cindy.

In that same vein, Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, compares Parental Notification with the Fugitive Slave Act and is horrified that dear old grandma could be commiting a crime simply by driving grandaughter dear over state lines to get an abortion.

Grandma—or whoever does the driving—could get a $100,000 fine and a year in jail. Hoorah! And don’t think pro-lifers won’t be checking those license plates. Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan . . .

Mother Tries To Force Teen Daughter To Abort

In Coumbus GA, another loving mother wanted her 16-year-old daughter to have an abortion the daughter didn’t want, so Mother and two loving female cousin forced her to drink Turpentine.

Roselletta B. Blackshire, 44, the loving mother in this case, has been charged with criminal abortion and first-degree cruelty to children. The cousins were also charged with criminal abortion. The daughter is three months pregnant.

There is no indication that turpentine would cause an abortion, and it is not known if the turpentine injured the girl or her unborn child. The girl reported the event to her school counselor who called the police.

Chilean Government Gives Out Abortion Pills

In Chile, where abortion is illegal, the government has begun handing out morning after pills to girls as young as 14. The liberal contraception policy is the brainchild of Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s first woman president. The pills are given without parental notice.

Jennifer and Cindy must just love this program. But most Chileans don’t, and the mayor of the Santiago suburb of La Florida called the ruling “a slap in the face of Chile’s mothers and fathers.”

Parents complain that contraceptives encourage promiscuity and spread venereal diseases among teens, while religious leaders point out that the pills are abortifacients.

Bachelet’s coven say the pills are too expensive for poor women, thus the give-away program aimed at getting rid of poor kids. One teenage girl said the pills are necessary because kids are ashamed to have their parents find out they have been fornicating. Will wonders never cease.

Embryos Screened for Body Parts

A recent survey in the journal of Fertility and Sterililty says embryo screening is on the rise. Mostly people want to select the sex of the child, but others are trying to get a live supply of body parts and bone marrow to use for sick siblings. Where were they when souls were being passed out?

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