League Conference Rallies Pro-Lifers To Battle Contraception

More than 250 Pro-Life stalwarts, one pro-abortion spy, Tyler LePard, and several members of the press attended the first-ever national anti-contraception conference in Chicago Friday and Saturday. Not only were half of the United States represented by the attendees, but also Mexico and Canada.

Conference Highlights Contraceptive Ills

The conference began in the midst of a tornado and we held off the opening talk by Libby Gray Macke for a half-hour. She spoke on adolescent abstinence, and was followed by Alan Carlson on the Protestant Embrace of Contraception.

Talks on Saturday covered how contraception alters relationships, the harmful effects of contraception on one’s spiritual life, and how contraception wrecks marriages. Speakers were Janet Smith, Fr. Tom Eutneneuer and Damon Owens.

Andrew Pollard of England spelled out the suicide of the countries of Europe and the United States through use of contraception, Jennifer Morse addressed the cultural bankruptcy brought on by a contraceptive mentality, and Lionel Tiger showed how contraception drives a wedge between couples and sets men adrift in society, no longer certain of their role.

All speakers were subjected to multiple questions from the audience. Nearly all aspects of the damage caused by contraception were covered in detail. It was a great conference, and now 250 trained teachers will be spreading the desperately needed message far and wide, that contraception is not only <not the answer to our national problem, but is a disease that is eating at the heart of this nation.

About all the spy has said so far is that taking contraception away from women will coarsen the culture and that a full 81% of Americans would not consider contraception to be the root cause of abortion. We are happy to find 19%agreeing with us that it is the root cause of abortion. And we must point out that before Columbus proved the world is round, 90 percent of people thought it was flat. The 90% were wrong.

Tribune Covers League Event

Judy Graham’s article, “Abortion foes’ new rallying point” in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune is fair and balanced and quotes a number of pro-life speakers and attendees at the Conference. She calls the conference unusual,and says experts gathered to assail contraception on the grounds that it devalues children, harms relationships, promotes sexual promiscuity and leads to falling birth rates.

Graham also points out the emerging alignment between evangelicals and Catholics on this issue. While she quotes a number of pro-aborts too, their arguments appear tame in contrast to the forceful pro-life position.

Her observatoinss, such as that 98 % of women have used contraception, 40 million American women are now on contraception, and that it is unlikely that a program to dissuade them from contracting is not likely to be successful do not bother us.

Graham points out that contraception buffs fear cuts in federal birth control programs, cuts in Planned Parenthood funding, and conscience clauses for pharmacists so they can refuse to fill birth control prescriptions. They fear a number of efforts that would chip away at the availability of contraception.

While these and other fears are reasonable, the message of the conference was that contraception is the root cause of abortion and must be uprooted, not by laws, but through education and conversion.

For CDs of the entire eight talks or individual talks at the conference contact LCE Media, PO Box 106, Kingston, IL 60145 or call 815-784-3885, or e-mail at info@lcemedia.com, or fax them at 815-784-3717.

Rest in Peace, Bill More

Carolyn More has informed us that long time pro-lifer Bill More died Friday in California. Please pray for the repose of Bill’s soul, and for his bereaved wife Therese. The Funeral is in California Tuesday. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

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