Daring To Speak the Truth about Islam

If you haven’t registered for the Pro-Life Action League’s conference this weekend, “Contraception Is Not the Answer,” call our office now or register online and get your name on the list.

Contraception Is Not the Answer

Good has already come from organizing this event, what with radio talk-shows bringing discussions on contraception all over the country, feature stories being written (watch the Chicago Tribune later this week) people logging onto our three informative teleseminars and brushing up on the issue to prepare to greet our eight experts on the contraceptive mentality and its dire consequences.

Drew Mariani’s Monday show on Relevant Radio was on contraception and sterilization. Eric called in. I was on the Bob Dutko show in Detroit Monday morning. On Tuesday a Tribune photographer will be in for a shot of the League in Action for Judy Graham’ story. Will it be balanced and fair, critical or what? We don’t know, but it’s publicity on the event.

True, we have lost some financial support for having the daring to call this conference. Some long time supporters have left us. Others will support some of our efforts but not this one.

Very few priests and ministers, and other shepherds of souls, are attending this important forum on contraception. Many fear the issue, while others simply dodge it and hope it will go away. They are missing an opportunity they should flock to, but are afraid of strong, convincing arguments so many spiritual leaders lack.

On Drew’s show many callers said they had received bad advice from religious leaders, and some were encouraged not to follow the Church’s clear and constant teaching on contraception, as a serious violation of Church law.

Much of this may change as we enthusiastically go public with the truth that contraception is not only not the answer, but is the root cause of the moral decay destroying our society. The truth is there for all to see. We want to make them look at it .

Daring To Speak the Truth

Speaking of truth, you have to be careful how you tell it today. Case in point, Pope Benedict who told a university audience in Regensburg, Germany, last week that shortly after Mohammad had founded his new religion, some said they didn’t think it contributed much to society—but evil. The Pope didn’t say he necessarily agreed, but that was the thinking at the time.

In response, some present day Muslims responded to the suggestion that they are violent by burning down Christian Churches, burning the pope in effigy and shooting a Catholic nun in the back. In their rage, some forgot which religion the Pope is the head of, and burned down some non-Catholic churches.

We’ve never understood how you convince people that you are non-violent by being violent, but it must work, because people all over the world are being nice to them, and not saying much bad about their reaction to the Pope’s talk.

All we infidels seem to be scared sheet-white of their violence for fear they might direct it our way. Remember the silly cartoons they didn’t like? Journalists were afraid to criticize them, and editors wouldn’t show them.

And now a papal reference to Emperor Manuel Paleologos II’s 14th century observation that Muhammad’s plan to spread Islam with the sword was not good proselytizing, brings another wave of violence and fear, silencing all us big, brave infidels once again.

But Jim White of the Alpha and Omega Ministries sums it up for us:

Our ability to think and speak clearly has been seriously compromised by political correctness. Islam seeks world domination by force and death and destruction, and therein lies another major difference between us. Christianity boldly proclaims that it will someday see Jesus enthroned as the King of kings, and He will rule over all the earth. But how does he rule and reign today? He does so by changing hearts and minds, not trough the barrel of an AK-47. Those who bow the knee to Christ today do so because their natures have been changed. It is a supernatural conversion, not a violent one.

Thanks Jim.

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