Detroit Police Let Pro-Aborts Attack Peaceful Pro-Life Group

We can’t help but wonder why so many Police officers practically lay down their lives to protect the abortion crowd. From pro-lifers across the country we receive similar complaints, and I can personally add my own, such as the time I was being scratched and shoved by some NOW ladies and when I tried to have one of Chicago’s finest come to my rescue he threatened to arrest me.

Pro-Life Activist Attacked in Detroit

And the beat goes on: pro-lifers being kicked, bludgeoned and treated poorly call for help and in nine out of ten cases the cops go directly to the pro-aborts, consort with them, and arrest the victims or the pro-abortion violence.

Now Monica Miller writes from Michigan that when pro-aborts were beating up on a pro-lifer across the street from a Crisis Pregnancy Center she called Detroit’s finest and they arrested her!

Monica reports that “Chris Coatney was viciously assaulted by a band of seven or eight pro-abortion pickets Saturday at Pregnancy Aid in Detroit.”

The pro-aborts were picketing the Crisis Pregnancy Center for not doing abortions, and Chris and Monica were counter-picketing with a few other pro-lifers. They were of course peaceful, but the pro-aborts, “began to very viciously punch him and kick him repeatedly.” Monica describes the scene:

They stopped for a minute and then started again to give him a second pummeling. They were not fooling around. There were full, heavy punches and kicks. The pack looked like a swarm of hornets descending on their prey. Steve pulled out his camcorder and videotaped the entire hideous assault.

Monica then describes her call on 911 and the quick arrival of two police cars. The police viewed the tape of the attacks, but the pro-aborts lied that Chris had threatened them, and the police said that if Chris charged the pro-aborts with assault, he would be arrested along with them.

Detroit Police Side with Pro-Aborts

Monica said that a Lieutenant Flanagan approached her as she was standing across the street holding a picket sign. He said her sign distracted motorists, that she had to be walking in a circle, that she was on private property, which was not true, and that she was near a business that she was not picketing.

Monica tried to defend herself since all of these new rules were phony as a three-dollar-bill. Monica was ticketed and given more rules that had nothing to do with her picketing, but were given as a “warning.” Monica has contacted a lawyer and will fight this unconstitutional police action.

But some good came from the confrontation, such as much support for the pro-lifers from local residents, one man stopping and saying he would send a hundred dollars to the crisis pregnancy center, and Monica taking the cops to court. We think Monica has a winning case here. Pro-lifers nationwide need to take these kind of pro-abortion police to court, every time. There are, of course some sympathetic, decent police officers, but more and more we are encountering the other kind We wonder—why?

Let us hear from you with your pro-abort police stories. We’re keeping a file.

Contraception Is Not the Answer

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