Priest Arrested under FACE Law for Praying inside Abortuary

The League staff has been attending the Illinois Right to Life sponsored Kiddieland for more years than we can remember and will have at least twenty-five of our kids and grandkids out there tonight for the gala.

Great Folks at Kiddlieland Pro-Life Family Night

This is a night we look forward to every year for an old-fashioned good time with fun rides, great junk food , free soft drinks but mostly the people! These are the cream of the crop, the communion of saints, the people you hope you’ll be with in heaven. That’s really the best part of Kiddieland night&madsh;the pro-life, pro-family, pro-God people.

Thanks, IRLC, for having Family Night at Kiddyland.

Priest Arrested under Draconian FACE Law

Perhaps you’ve heard about the terrifying thing that happened at an Omaha, Nebraska abortuary. Fr. Norman Weslin, an elderly Catholic Priest, was praying—picture it, praying, on his knees—in front of an abortion mill when he felt a strong urge to pray for the girls scheduled for abortions by going inside the death chamber.

He got up, walked into the mill and resumed his prayers on his knees. Abortuary personnel, including Baby Killer Leroy Carhart, who does late term partial birth abortions that drag a baby out of the womb, have a scissors stuck into the back of her head and a suction inserted into her skull to suck out her brains, went ballistic.

The mere thought of an old priest praying inside this Sanctuary of Satan was just too much for them! They declared the prayer a violation of the dreaded FACE Law, and obtained a grand jury indictment against Father Weslin, the terrifying priest!

Fr. Weslin is a good friend of the League, who has said Mass in our Chapel, stayed at our house and eaten at our table. We want to help him in any way we can to defeat this poor excuse for a law—the prejudiced, discriminatory, vague and unconstitutional FACE law.

Wouldn’t it be significant if the arrest of Fr. Weslin on a FACE violation would become the very instrument that gets the draconian FACE law removed from the books as a violation of our First Amendment rights to protest and redress our grievances?

Register Now for “Contraception Is Not the Answer”

Reservations for the League’s historic “Contraception is not the Answer” conference Sept. 22 and 23 at the Crown Plaza O’Hare are beginning to flood in and the deadline for the $85 ticket ends at midnight Sept 8.

But even the new $100 ticket is a bargain, with eight of the world’s most outstanding and well informed national and international speakers whom you would have to run all over the world to hear, all in one place, and with a dessert reception following the evening session with a chance to talk with the speakers, an excellent luncheon included in the price of your ticket between the six talks on Saturday, and the knowledge that you will be prepared to face the barrage of inane, stupid, pragmatic, self seeking, illogical arguments you will be getting from the great unwashed ready to defy science, reason and self respect to keep their golden cow, the worship of many disgusting forms of contraception, and the mindless and dangerous contraceptive mentality that is at the root of the rapid ruin of America.

But if you’d rather stand around like a post during the coming battle, stay home.

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