Frankenstein, Inc. Just Doesn’t Get It

With the announcement that the Federal Drug Administration under its soon to be new director, Andrew von Eschenbach, ruled that anyone over 18 can get the baby-killing drug “Plan B” right over the counter like tooth paste, it consoled me to recall that over the past thirty years I have picketed many pharmicutical companies in the killer-pill business, from Upjohn to Searl.

Tomorrow Will Come, Mr. President

I’m not even sure if I ever picketed Barr, the Plan B folks, but I sure hope so. In any event, the evil continues to spread as more and more women quietly abort their babies, predator males in mortal sin roam the back alleys like roaring lions, and the world gets blacker and more hellish by the minute.

It is hard to account for the loss of the state of grace America at one time seemed to be interested in. In my short life I can remember churches packed, filth kept off the silver screen, mostly decent magazines, Christ in Christmas, “God Bless America” sung in public schools, and contraceptives outlawed.

No, we were never perfect, but at one time in our past it appeared that we were at least trying to be a genuine God-fearing, religious country. Now it is bread and circuses, fun and games with no thought of tomorrow—the “Big Tomorrow.”

But Tomorrow will come, and maybe sooner than the libertines think. And that will be one heck of a scary day for the “There’s no tomorrow,” crowd.

Behind the Plan B victory for Satan and his minnions are Sen. Hillary Roadkill Clinton, who blackmailed the FDA until she got what she wanted, lies by the pro-abortion media that the pill doesn’t cause abortion, even though Barr laboratories admits that it does, the lie that this double dose of a chemical that needs a prescription for a single dose, is as harmless as asprin.

All these lies and more spewed out by newspapers and magazines and the electronic media are being told with straight faces, as though they were telling the truth. And even our beloved President fell into the common pit and gave the nod to Plan B. “I agree with Andy,” he chortled.

Andy von Eschenbach agrees with the pill. And the pill kills babies, and maybe even their mothers. Time will tell.

No Thanks, Dr. Frankenstein

Meanwhile, those who want to experiment on live human beings are trying to work out a way to do it that will satisfy pro-lifers, and they have come up with a method of taking a single cell out of an eight cell embryo and using that instead of the whole embryo. They sacrificed sixteen live human embryos to come up with the process, and they still don’t have a solution that any genuine pro-lifer could possibly accept.

What positive good does extracting one of its cells do for the little kid they’re extracting it from? Certainly none. And you can only do an experiment like this if it helps the victim. They’re too dumb to figure that out. Another failure for the Dr. Frankenstein crowd.

Professor C. Ben Mitchell at Trinity National University in Chicago says it is not morally justified, and he is absolutely right.

On Our Knees

What with Dignity International musing over whether to make denial of abortion a violation of human dignity, California legislators trying to make it a crime to indicate a lack of deep love for the disgusting homosexual lifestyle, and uttering a prayer or wearing a cross in public a violent crime, this poor country of ours on this Labor day weekend in the year of our Lord 2006 is in one big mess.

So get down on your knees sometime this weekend and say a prayer for the America we ask God to Bless, for our legislators that they will have the guts to turn down the FDA unconstitutional decision on Plan B, for the homosexuals to pray for the strength to overcome their disgusting lifestyle, and for the Frankenstein scientists to stop trying to find miracle cures by cutting up little fellow human beings.

Then add one little prayer that people who aren’t scared to death of finding out just how bad contraception really is, will send in their reservations for our historic, once in a lifetime, never to be repeated, “Contraception is not the Answer” conference at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare September 22 and 23. There just have to be some soldiers of Christ still left out there.

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