Planned Parenthood in a Frenzy over Pregnancy Help Centers

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Compulsory Abortion Training for Yale Med Students

Officials in the medical school at prestigious Yale University are now requiring all medical students to learn the techniques of abortion. Students may opt out of actually doing abortions if they have religious objections to killing their patients, but they must assist women having ultrasounds before their abortions and otherwise compromise their morals if they happen to believe that murdering babies is wrong.

Yale was once a religious school, where they actually had chapel, were required to attend morning and evening prayer, and had classes in Holy Scripture. Now they teach students how to commit murder. Talk about hitting the bottom of the barrel.

But it is the abortionists own admission that there is a grave lack of abortionists in this country, down more than 35 percent since the 1980’s, that has prompted Yale medical school directors and other schools to force this draconian requirement on their medical students. It seems that as the old abortionists die off new doctors do not find doing abortions a desirable or as respectable way to use their talents.

So the great minds at Yale think forced training of new doctors will fill the gap. We trust that most medical students are smarter than the dons who hope some training in the grizzly art of killing will draw the new students into the diabolical profession. We doubt it.

Planned Parenthood in a Frenzy over Pro-Life Centers

In a phony ad being put out by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., even the baby killers have to admit that for every abortion mill grinding out dead babies, there are at least six crisis pregnancy centers set up to help women through their pregnancies. But, of course, Planned Parenthood doesn’t quite say it that way.

Here is the way their deceptive and fake letter puts it:

For every health center that provides abortion services in America, there are six so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” intentionally set up to entrap, deceive, and torment pregnant women searching for help.

The rest of the letter goes on in that vein, trying to portray Planned Parenthood services as pure and holy, and CPCs as deceptive. They even use a made-up story that pro-lifers have checked out and which turns out, as would be expected, to be a total fabrication. A bold-face lie, in other words. They even try to make a simulated newspaper clipping look as though it was torn from a newspaper. But people who kill for a living aren’t likely to be much for telling the truth.

The almost humorous thing about the letter is they way they ape our arguments against them. They and try to make CPC’s look bad in much the way we make them look bad: they set up their centers near high schools to get pregnant students, they get government money, list themselves in the yellow pages, use deceptive advertising and so forth.

This is clearly a war between good and evil, and if you can’t figure out who’s good and whose evil, take a look at who is saving lives and who is doing the killing. Get the hint?

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