Bishop Doran Warns Catholics about “Secular Sacraments”

Here are some strong comments from a prince of the Catholic Church, Rockford’s Bishop Thomas G. Doran, which appeared in his August 10 column: He says that American Catholics have to take count of the serious issues of our times, the seven “sacraments” of secular culture which are abortion, sodomy, contraception, divorce, euthanasia, feminism and genetic experimentation.

Doran Blasts the “Secular Sacraments”

Bishop Doran calls these evils a clear and present danger to our survival as a nation. Since the mid-40’s, he writes, we have looked askance at the Germans for causing fifty-million deaths. And yet, since 1973 Americans have allowed the “party of death” to eliminate forty-million of our fellow citizens, making ours a culture of death, outstripping the Nazis.

He says there are some given over to immoral lives who regard abortion as a good. Yet those children whose lives have been snuffed out by the barbaric practice of abortion passed from their lives quickly and have gone into the hands of the Lord of Life and Mercy for all eternity.

But we who remain must remember that violence breeds violence and when we tolerate unjust attacks on the tiniest innocents among us, we habituate ourselves to violence. These barbaric practices corrupt our laws, our medical practice, our ordinary lives. e have become accustomed to immense loss of life in our wars, and those who have killed millions in abortion are not bothered by mass killings.

He says the violence of abortion coarsens the lives of us all. We tolerate the rise of domestic violence, the violence of our youth—even road rage is now common. Sin darkens the intellect and weakens the will, and we are now reaping the whirlwind.

Toleration of sexual perversion, contraception, divorce, killing the elderly, radical feminism, embryonic stem cell research—all defile and debase human nature and affect our human destiny.

Priest Must Support Activists, Doran Says

The Bishop recently visited a parish where he ran across a prayer for those who work and demonstrate for the cause of the unborn, that they would persevere in their work despite ridicule even “from pastors and priests.” Bishop Doran says he shudders to think this could be true. Christ said to suffer the little children to come to Him, and not to hinder them.

Yet Christ will come someday to judge the world by fire, the living and the dead, and particularly those who by acts of omission or commission have destroyed innocent human life. It is the duty of every Catholic to support the work of pro-life directors and commissions.

Bishop Doran says he wholeheartedly endorse the activities of the Pro-Life Office and believes God will not allow those who act against human life to prosper. The unholy sacraments of secular society are the seeds of the destruction of our nation. What nation that kills its young, perverts marriage, prevents new life, destroys the family, kills those they deem useless, causes war between man and woman, and manipulates the genetic basis of human nature, can long endure, he asks?

Thanks Bishop Doran, we needed that!

Two More Abortuaries CLOSED

There’s good news out of Orlando. Two of the four remaining abortuaries in that Florida city have been closed by the authorities. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the state ordered the abortuaries closed and ordered doctors to stop doing abortions indefinitely.

Clinic owner James Pendergraft had his medical license suspended for doing third-trimester abortions and endangering women. Prendergast has already spent time in prison for abortion clinic violations.

Seems abortion clinics are closing all over the country in rapid succession. It is heartening to see them fold. The cover of CLOSED, my book on how to close abortion clinics, has the title appear as if it were done with a stencil, suggesting that abortion mills will be closed so fast that there won’t be time to paint the words individually. “Closed” has to be stenciled on the clinic doors to report the rapid closings. Here goes.

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