Hillary Hears a Who—And Turns a Deaf Ear

Plan B is back in the news. This dangerous abortifacient, a double dose of the so-called contraceptive pill, is called an emergency contraceptive. It can be taken within three days of what is called “unprotected sex,” and there’s an 80 percent chance that a woman won’t get pregnant, they say.

Plan B Is No Contraceptive

Probably nobody with an operative brain really believes it’s a contraceptive, because it is taken not to prevent conception but to end conception if it has already taken place. It’s like saying that the arrival of the firemen to put out the fire is emergency fire prevention. It doesn’t fool anyone. Putting out a fire is not preventing it.

The chemicals making up the pill are powerful enough to fool Mother Nature into thinking the woman is already pregnant when she isn’t, hoping she won’t get pregnant. But sometimes she does get pregnant, because you can’t always fool Mother Nature.

And in those instances, in steps old Plan B chemicals which act to create a hostile environment, making the uterus unreceptive to the newly conceived life, and it is sloughed off. That is called an abortion and an abortion is, by the way, cold blooded premeditated murder of the mother’s own unborn child. Remember, “A person’s a person no mater how small.”

“A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small”

Plan B supporters like to say the embryo can’t possibly be a new human being because he is so small, being about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. That’s clever, because the person reading the statement can see that the period is indeed very small. And that’s impressive.

But both writer and reader started their own important fun-filled lives precisely the same size. You and I, dear caller, started out the size of a period. All that says is that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Starting as a period and getting big is quite an accomplishment, not a argument that we’re not human at the start. “Little” can be good. Haven’t they heard of nanotechnology?

But the pro-aborts want desperately to make it easy for women to keep that dot from developing, so they try anything to erase the dot so you won’t have to think about it or nurture it or give it birth or a name or dress it and get it baptized and allow it to grow up and go to school and get a job and get married and have more dots.

No, Plan B will get rid of the dot and people like Senators Hillary Clinton and Patty Murra can put the nomination of the new FDA nominee Dr. Andrew Von Keschenback on hold until he pledges to allows Plan B to be handed out like M&M’s to little girls with out a doctor’s prescription.

Hillary Hides the Facts on Plan B

“This is a slippery, dangerous slope we are on, doctor, and we are looking to you to make a decision,” Hillary barks. In brief, make it easy for girls to get Plan B or you’re out of here.

Meanwhile, here are a few facts about Plan B Hillary is hiding: Plan B has a double dose of progesterone . In an ordinary contraceptive there is a single dose, and that requires a prescription. This double dose will not. Pedophiles will be able to buy Plan B over the counter and cause their victims to abort. Disgusting and dangerous.

In Great Britain where Plan B is over the counter they have an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases. There are so many health conditions that make Plan B’s use harmful, doctors say, that it will be virtually impossible to list them all. Besides, Plan B is clearly a work of the Devil, and who wants to use his poison?

So do your duty and call the White House and simply say “NO” to plan B. That’s 202-456-1111, or e-mail your comments or fax to 202-456-2461. You can also write directly to George W. Bush, the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20500.

If you really care about the soul of this great nation, do one of these things right now, or stop complaining about the rotten condition of the present society because unless you are part of the solution you are part of the problem.

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