Action Needed on Several Key Embryonic Stem Cell Bills

Our hat is off to the scores of dedicated pro-life activists who braved summer flash floods, intense heat, some hostile police, angry drivers and various insults to hold large graphic pictures of aborted babies along the streets and highways of northeastern Illinois during the past nine days in the Pro-Life Action League’s seventh annual Face the Truth Tour. We averaged about fifty pro-lifers per stop. The largest showing was in Joliet where seventy-five stalwarts showed up.

Interesting Reactions to 2006 Truth Tour

Many interesting and touching stories always emerge from the Summer Truth Tour, and one that impressed us concerned a young mother named Marta, who came up to us to thank us sincerely for doing this tour. She pointed to a graphic sign and told us it was that very photograph that deterred her, some years ago, from having an abortion. She had her little daughter with her.

One of the strangest comments we overheard were two women pushing a baby strollers and one saying to the other, “Why are they protesting that? It isn’t legal in this country,” apparently referring to late-term abortion. We wondered when she landed here.

But it is hard for many Americans to believe that the “land of the free and the home of the brave” kills its posterity at the rate of 3,500 per day—every day! And it should be hard to believe.

Keep in touch with the League because we have a two-stop Truth Day every month. And for those who were with us when we got kicked out of Mundelein, we’ll be going back.

Bush Vows To Veto HR 810

The U. S. Senate is currently debating three embryonic stem cell bills. Despite the fact that embryonic stem cell research has failed to yield a single usable medical therapy, while adult stem cell research has produced many, the Congress keeps trying to pass bills to use live human beings for experiments which kill them in the process. The bills:

HR 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, would destroy human embryos. President George Bush has promised to veto this bill. It passed the House.

S 3504, the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act, would outlaw the harvesting of embryos for scientific research. This should pass.

S 2754 is the Alternative Pluripoetent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act, and does not involve destruction of human life, but it would allow creation and destruction of human embryos by altered nuclear transfer, making the bill defective. It should be defeated.

Call your senators immediately and tell them to defeat HR 810, the bill that would use your tax money to kill fellow human beings. It is immoral to kill someone even to help cure someone else. Period. The Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121.

If passed by the Senate HR 810 would be the first veto in President Bush’s presidency. Bush has made it clear that he believes since everyone was an embryo at one point of existence, we as a society may not be callous about the wanton destruction of embryonic life.

While the media keep telling us that 70% of Americans support embryonic stem cell experiments, the truth is probably not anything close to that. But even if 100 percent supported this immoral bill, it wouldn’t matter, since morality does not depend on public opinion. That’s a tough truth for secularists to grab hold of.

The illustrious Chicago Sun-Times editors, who wouldn’t know an objective moral truth if it materialized before them in their editorial board room, say that since most Americans support this research that “will save millions of lives”—a slight exaggeration since it hasn’t yet saved one life or even helped anyone —the President would be unwise to veto it.

That depends on whether making godless wonders happy is more important than obeying God. Bush said he would not promote a science that destroys life to save life. Sounds like he doesn’t think it’s folly to veto this bill. Sounds more like he has some objective standards.

The Child Custody Protection Act is also being debated in the Senate. It would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion, evading parental notice or consent laws in the minor’s home state. It also should pass.

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