The Abortion Holocaust: An Opportunity for Holiness

Our Flag Day Truth Tour Wednesday was spectacular for the volume of flyers that were distributed during the stops in Evanston and Lincolnwood and police cooperation with our distribution efforts were good. About thirty faithful activists came out on a beautiful cloudless day to make this last one-day Tour of the spring season a success. Our summer 21-site Tour is July 8 through 15.

We had only one fracas Wednesday, when an irate driver got out of his car and tried to break up one of our Malachi signs. He bent it up pretty badly but gave us time to get his identification to notify the Evanston Police.

Abortion Holocaust an Opportunity for Holiness

Among the 1.25 million surgical abortion performed annually in United States abortion facilities, we hear of abortions being performed for club foot, clef palate, webbed fingers and toes, extra digits, and other easily correctible minor deformities, detected through ultrasound. Also, 8 out of 10 babies discovered to have Downs Syndrome are aborted, not to mention abortions of “wrong sex” babies.

Combine these killings with children aborted chemically, through RU-486, Plan B, emergency contraceptives, IUD’s, Norplant, and all the ordinary low-estrogen contraceptive pills, which add another 9.5 to 14.5 million abortions each year to the l.25 million surgical abortions performed in the United States annually, for a monstrous amount of child-killing which cries out to Heaven for a reckoning.

It is a huge stain on our country. Yet politicians run their campaigns on a promise to maintain this killing spree. Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL, the ACLU and hundreds of agencies promote and fund this homicide.

This is one sick society. As a poet once wrote, “The time is out of joint. O cursed plight, that ever I was born to set it right.” Well, the time certainly is out of joint—badly—but instead of a “cursed plight” we should think of it as a great blessing and an honor to be challenged to help set it right, one day at a time, one picket at a time, one Truth Tour at a time.

That’s what the League is all about, and we invite you to join in our efforts. Join our Truth Tour this summer and see if you don’t feel a whole lot better about the world.

More Pro-Gay Propaganda

There is a lot of propaganda coming from the pro-gay faction these days, attempting to coerce the unwary into joining the band wagon for homosexual rights, and especially for the “right” to “same sex marriage.” Pitiful arguments are being made by people who haven’t a clue as to why homosexual rights are simply wrong. There can be no such thing as gay marriage or even gay rights.

While we have compassion for anyone suffering from a sickness like homosexuality, we aren’t about to accept this illness as constituting a legitimate minority worthy of special rights and privileges and capable of real marriage. Sorry, but condoning such things would be a grave sin.

Homosexuals have a heavy cross to bear, true, but if they carry it courageously by embracing a life of celibacy, as they are called to do, their reward in Heaven will be great, and that’s all that really matters anyway.

It’s that simple. Much of our society has no clue about the spiritual dimension of the human condition, and tries to treat a perversion like homosexuality as a normal condition.

It won’t work, even when a senior editor of the Chicago Tribune like Charles Madigan concludes, as he does in a recent column, that we are obliged to recognize and honor so-called “love” wherever we find it. “It is rare and powerful in its beauty,” he writes Thursday, “a product not of politics but of the soul.” This about same-sex attraction. Sick.

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