Why We MUST Use Graphic Abortion Pictures

Here at the League office all is in preparation for the upcoming Face the Truth Tour, during which League members and volunteers will cover 21 sites from Libertyville, Mundelein and Barrington, to as far north as Rockford, down to Beverly and Bogan, in the heart of the Loop, out to Joliet , and end up in the near north suburbs.

We Must Use Abortion Pictures

Just in time for the tour we received an encouraging article found in Homiletic and Pastoral Review, defending the use of the graphic pictures in answer to objections to their use by a Fr. Michael Orsi. The reply is from Wendell Neugebauer of Ballston Spa, NY.

Wendell writes that the pictures of aborted babies are not shocking to children, but rather to adults who have to explain the inevitable question children ask about them. Many adults simply don’t want to answer their children’s questions, and take out their anger on those who make the questions inevitable, those of us who show the pictures. If disturbing figures were to be denied children, they could never look at a crucifix.

Pictures of violence have been used effectively to correct all kinds of social injustices, such as when Dr. Martin Luther King used pictures of black people being lynched to point out the injustices that had been leveled against blacks. Besides, Neugebauer says, every peaceful method of correcting the grave injustice as abortion should be used: pickets, counseling, voter registration, letters to editors, talks, crisis pregnancy centers, counseling, lobbying, leafleting, prayer.

So we would be remiss if we didn’t use one of our most powerful weapons wehave at our disposal&mdashy;the photographs of the victims of abortion. It is perhaps the only good these tiny victims can realize, to be the catalist for stopping the holocaust of the unborn. Our sentiments exactly.

We can’t encourage our readers enough to come out and join our Truth Tour. If you can make only one stop in our upcoming Truth Tour, do it. We guarantee that you will like yourself better than you do right now—or your money back.

“Contraception Is Not the Answer”: Sept. 22-23

Our office has been getting rave letters over the announcement of our plans to hold a “Contraception is Not the Answer” conference in Chicago this September 22 and 23. Most letters contain the comment that it is about time somebody got to the root of the abortion culture, that it is time to address the issue, that the public hasn’t heard enough about the connection between contraception and abortion, and how contraception is at the root of run-away immorality including pornography, gay rights, adolescent promiscuity, divorce and all manner of evil.

We totally agree, and that is why we are holding the conference: to cover all aspects the moral and physical diseases emanating from the golden calf of contraception. Then good people will have the weapons they need to explain the dimensions of this evil so as to fight it and to raise an army of soldiers who will help destroy it before it destroys us.

It’s that simple. We are in a war to the death. It will end with either the death of our society, or with the death of the vicious and all-consuming enemy of nature and God.

But even should little good come immediately from this conference, we won’t be disappointed, for at least we will have started the ball rolling in the war against contraception, and sooner or later this will prove to have been the right thing to have done and the right time to have done it.

In other words, whether it works or not, it is the right thing to do—now. Of that we are certain.

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