More Good News from SD: Abortion Supporters Ousted

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More Good News out of South Dakota

Life Advocacy Briefing of Arlington Heights, IL is the best thing going as a source of up-to-the minute pro-life information. We depend on it. We use their information on Action News frequently. In today’s offering they have a wrap-up of the good things that came out of South Dakota’s June 6 primary

We alluded to this last week when we reported that four of the incumbents who had voted against the South Dakota abortion ban lost their races. One was State Senator Stan Adelstein who was confident of a victory and was ahead before the primary.

Adelstein was stunned by his loss, as were his backers such as Planned Parenthood Federation of America, who had awarded him its outstanding Republican Legislator award for protecting reproductive rights. He had fought hard against HB-1215 and helped get the 38,000 signatures needed to force a referendum in November, and prevent the bill from going into effect on July 1.

Adelstein had urged defeat of all those who had voted for the ban. Republican State Senator Bill Napoli, a leader in promoting the ban, won his primary handily, getting 65% of the vote. GOP State Senator Brick Greenfield got 71% of the vote against a pro-abort. Greenfield is executive director of South Dakota Right to Life. Julie Bartling, a prime sponsor of the abortion ban, a Democrat, beat her two opponents.

In the wake of the South Dakota Abortion Ban, that state now gets a last place ranking on the pro-abortion website, “Mapping Our Rights.” Sharing last place with South Dakota is Ohio, and at the top for “good” pro- abortion states are New York and New Mexico.

Sponsors of the poll are the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute, Sister Song Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective, and Ipas. South Dakota Senator Lee Schoenbeck calls it a badge of honor to be rated last, and Ohio State Rep. Bill Seitz, Republican, says it’s a virtue to be known as a traditional, family friendly state.

Are Conservatives Losing on Gay Rights?

News this weekend is full of stories on gays. Steve Chapman in a commentary this weekend says conservatives are losing on gay rights. His argument is that most senators don’t want a ban on gay marriage, half the citizens are okay with gay marriage, and by far the majority of Americans support civil unions, while 89% of us support equal employment for gays.

Marni Goldberg writes Saturday that gays are using a different tactic now, gaining friends as they get better known so that they can garner rights by presenting a pleasant image as just ordinary people. They want to get known.

Corporate America has bought the image and has eclipsed Congress, says Brad Luna of Human Rights Campaign. He points to 85% of Fortune 500 companies now having protection for sexual orientation, and offer domestic partner benefits. Only three states now prevent same sex adoptions, 31 states have special hate crime laws protecting homosexuals and last week only 49 senators voted to ban same sex marriage.

The Tribune letters page aims for balance, trying to let both sides speak, but Sunday’s Tribune features a story on Canada’s Royal Mounted Police celebration of a gay marriage of two male Mounties almost universally accepted by Canadian Mounted Police, and Canadians in general. The story says volumes abut what has happened to our neighbor up north. Down the tube.

Yet, the truth is that nobody can make something that is intrinsically evil, like sodomy, into something good. Period. Gay marriage may be made legal but it can never be made moral. The homosexuals know this as well as we do, but they will keep trying to be accepted as normal. The homosexual lifestyle can’t be blessed by God.

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