Abortion Clinics Are Closing Right and Left

Ann and I joined Jim Finnegan on Saturday morning to give an hour-and a half presentation on “Roe V. Wade—It’s Going Fast!” in the De Bartollo Hall on the Notre Dame University Campus . Jim launched the talk with background on the abortion wars, followed with Ann’s careful analysis of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, showing how poorly the rulings were thought out and how deceptive both rulings are.

Roe v. Wade Seminar Well Recieved

I concluded the event with comments on how poorly written the decisions are and with an analysis of the action that has resulted from these outrageous decisions and how the whole of our society is turning around as Roe and Doe begin to unravel. Our audience, more than two-dozen former students and their wives, was very attentive and seemed to favor our joint presentation.

In viewing the response sheets we found that some had said it should have been the major issue of the whole symposium. We entertained some of the best questions that we’ve ever had directed at us by any audience, and had interesting conversations afterwards. The audience did not seem in a hurry to leave at the conclusion of our presentation, and most stayed for nearly a half-hour after the talks.

Two seminars were held that dealt with the controversial dirty play, the —— Monologues, that have been presented and are still scheduled to be presented on the University Campus. One of the seminars roundly condemned the play, while one tried to show why it should be presented.

At our seminar we handed out copies of our Action News quarterly, Project Rachael flyers, Face the Truth flyers and copies of our video, Action Speaks Louder than Words. Earlier in the week, on Thursday, I addressed the Legatus of northeast Wisconsin in Appleton, at the Butte Des Morts Country Club, where I spoke on “Why Activism?”

Abortuaries Closing Right and Left

According to the Christian Newswire, pro-life activists in both Idaho and Virginia have been celebrating the temporary closing of one abortion facility and the loss of another’s lease.

Generation Life under the direction of Brandi Swindell says the Planned Parenthood clinic in Nampa, Idaho, is down to doing only one day of abortions each month. Recently it couldn’t get an abortionist to come in on the only day it was open. Brandi credits the faithful pro-lifers who always show up to protest and counsel women when the mill is in operation.

In Falls Church, VA, the Healthcare Center abortuary lost its lease and has been forced to shut down due in great part to the activities of March Together, a pro-life activist group who have been picketing the location relentlessly.

These two collapsing abortuaries come in the wake of the closing of an abortion center May 26 in Wichita, KS—Central Women’s Services—leaving only George Tiller’s abortion clinic operating in that city.

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue in Wichita says he doubts if there has been a time during the thirty-three year abortion wars that we have seen so many abortuaries closing down, cutting back their hours or being booted out of their quarters. The fact is that there are fewer than one-forth of the abortion facilities operating today that were in operation in the late 1970’s.

Summer Truth Tour, July 8-15

The mailings have gone out announcing our Summer Face the Truth” Tour for July 8 through 15. There will be twenty-one sites on this tour. We will visit Libertyville, Mundelein, Barrington, Rockford, Loves Park, Mount Greenwood, Beverly, Bogan, Joliet, Mokena, Orland Park, Niles, Evanston, Lincolnwood and six sites in downtown Chicago. We need your help, and you need to make at least part of this tour. Fill out the response card, and send it in Be part of the happy few.

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