ACOG’s “Ask Me” Campaign Insults Women

The ACOG, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, representing fifty thousand physicians, is sponsoring a push for the morning after pill called the “Ask Me” program. It urges women to stack up on Plan B abortifacients so they’ll never have to worry about being pregnant.

Abominable ACOG “Ask Me” Campaign

This aggressive effort says something about what ACOG doctors think of women they’re “things” to be used by predatory men whom the doctors also see as mere “things.” No dignity , no lifelong, loving helpmates, no thought about spiritual well-being. “Mother of my children” types need not apply.

“Ask me” is about hardcore, unabashed, craven, utilitarian sex. ACOG’s head, Douglas Laube, Stacie Geller, director of Excellence in Women’s Health, and Iffath Hoskins of Brooklyn, are behind the plan for women to be reminded, every time they visit their OB GYN, to get a prescription—whether they need it or not.

“Be Prepared!,” they bleat. Stash lots of these lethal drugs in your cabinet to end those pesky “unwanted pregnancies.” Children to them are mere “accidents.” God’s eternal plan to populate Heaven is of no consequence to these folks. Heaven? What’s that? Don’t talk about what is holy, pure, spiritual, or divine. Grovel in the mud, like us.

Jim Sedlak of the American Life League doesn’t like the idea that men and women are essentially barnyard animals, and calls the “Ask Me” program irresponsible and dangerous.

Meanwhile ACOG trots out the problems facing women, like the single woman, rape victims, women who could have health problems, and women needing to space children, as excuses for this new program. Plan B is the answer to all these problems, according to ACOG.

They even say it will cut the abortion rate. But Plan B is abortion!

However, don’t look for logic with these guys. The don’t believe in it. But they do attack those of us who don’t much like Plan B or “Ask Me,” and they call us unfair, unkind, unconscionable, unsafe and biased.

Media Asks Ann

League Executive Director Ann Scheidler did two national media interviews on the ACOG initiative and attacked their belief that pregnancy is a venereal disease, that all women are essentially immoral, and that men are simply predators.

While Ann did well in both interviews, she was way over their heads. It’s hard to convince minds that are themselves more like medical waste than thinking machines, of eternal verities. What has happened to their souls?

The Chicago Sun-Times, of course, falls into lock-step with the ACOG abortifacient plan in an editorial entitled: “The ‘Ask Me’ campaigns is the right answer.” The Sun Times claims that Plan B does not induce abortion, but only prevents a “fertilized egg” from being implanted in the uterus. Duh!

Father of Legal Abortion, Dead

Lawrence Lader, granddaddy of legal abortion in America, is dead of colon cancer at 86. Lader so successfully marshaled efforts to legalize abortion, that Betty Freidan called him the father of the movement.

A New York Times story says Lader wrote books and articles on abortion, encouraged ministers to refer women to abortion, did 2,000 abortion referrals himself, founded the National Abortion Rights Action League and helped win a repeal of abortion restrictions in New York.

He sued the Catholic Church for opposing abortion, promoted RU-486—the French abortion pill—equated abortion with civil rights, wrote a book on Margaret Sanger and considered Roe v. Wade a great victory for women.

And now Lawrence Powell Lader is dead at 86. What can I say? Pray? Maybe at the last second he . . .

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