RU-486 Death Toll Rises

Two more U. S. women have died—in California—after taking the French Abortion Pill, RU-486, bringing the U.S. recorded total to six and causing the Food and Drug Administration to issue an alert urging doctors and patients alike to follow approved directions for taking the drug—as if improper ingestion is the cause of these deaths, rather than the lethal qualities of the drug itself. After all, this is an abortion drug and thus an important and carefully prepared weapon in the baby killers’ arsenal.

More Women Killed by RU-486

Planned Parenthood has said six deaths is a small fraction of the more than half-a-million women who have used RU 486 since the FDA approved it here. Even the FDA is uncomfortable with the deaths, but say it could happen to anyone. After all, women who don’t take the pill also die, they argue. But they will meet with the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health on May 11 to review the deaths.

Monty Patterson, whose daughter Holly died after taking the pill, is urging a quick investigation. “How many women have to die before this drug is removed from the market,” he asks. Danco Laboratories, that makes RU-486, claims to be deeply saddened by the deaths, and is also investigation what went wrong.

What went wrong is that these jokers are producing a lethal drug that makes a well woman sick, so that she will miscarry. Powerful drugs strong enough to kill a baby in the womb might just be powerful enough to kill the mother, too. That seems to be what is happening.

And anyone who thinks the death toll stands at six, is living in la-la land. Only the Good Lord knows how many thousands of women and girls have died from RU-486, not to mention the millions of dead babies. What a society!

Furor over SD Abortion Ban?

Despite headlines like, “Mounting furor over abortion ban,” referring to the nearly total ban on abortion passed in South Dakota recently, the furor is more praise than condemnation. In fact, even the “furor” stories have to admit that there is more outpouring of support for the ban than complaint over it.

But furor or celebration, the sweeping ban has encouraged pro-lifers nationwide and has prompted at least half-a-dozen states to polish up their own restrictive bills for presentation to their state legislatures. All in all, about two dozen states show strong signs of eventually following suit and present strong restrictions on abortion, if not outright bans.

While some pro-life groups are complaining that the time is not ripe to introduce these laws, and the Supreme Court is not ready to rule in our favor, most pro-lifers seem to support the effort to get strong legislation working its way through the lower courts, so that there will be a strong bill present when the numbers on the high court increase to a pro-life majority—a majority who would recognize the gross flaws in Roe, and be inclined to throw out the 1973 travesty.

Pro-Life Victories Abound

Meanwhile, pro-life victories abound nationwide, from the recent victory in NOW v. Scheidler to large turnouts of young people at the abortion mills, such as in Colorado—where hundreds are gathering in front of the local abortion facilities—to the closing of abortion clinics across the country, from a high of 3,000 to present lows of fewer than 500.

Digging up a medicine man to do abortions is becoming harder and harder as the old baby killers die off and retire and new doctors don’t want the grief. It could make a grown man cry.

Silly Steinberg

Neil Steinberg in a recent Chicago Sun-Times offering, thinks that if a Catholic Hospital will admit a Jew for treatment, the Catholic Church should approve of gay adoption. Did I miss something?

With logic like that, who needs a brain or a conscience? I’d love to refute Steinberg’s silly arguments one by one, but I don’t think he would be up to rational arguments against subjecting a child to the tragedy of homosexual adoption. He just wouldn’t get it and I hate to waste valuable arguments on a closed mind.

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