Alliance Defense Fund Battles ACLU for America’s Future

Our hat is off toBishop Timothy A. McDonnell of Springfield, MA., who says he will not present the John F. Kennedy Award for Distinguished Acheivement to Thomas J. Ridge at Mass on St. Patrick’s Day. Ridge, who became the first Chief of Homeland Security in 2001 and was named it’s Head when it became a Cabinet position in 2003, and who served six years as Governor of Pennsylvania, is pro-abortion.

Bishop McDonnell Takes a Stand

When Bishop McDonnell learned of Ridge’s pro-abortion position, he said he could not present the award to Ridge at the Mass the night before St. Patrick’s Day in Springfield. Bishop McDonnell, true to his pro-life support, does not wish to give scandal. Ridge will receive the award at a reception following the Mass from the president of the Parade Committee.

It took courage on the part of Bishop McDonnell to refuse to do present the award, but it is also an embarrassemnt for Ridge, whose pro-abortion credentials are now public knowledge, as the event is highly publicized. In the past, the JFK Award has gone to such celebrities as actor Robert Stack, Author Tom Clancy, Coach Frank McGuire, Actress Maureen O’Hara, Notre Dame’s Dan Devine and the Pittsburg Steeler’s Art Rooney.

Alliance Defense Fund Battles the ACLU

Everyone knows you have to know your enemy in order to defeat him. For years, God Fearing Christians—and that includes pro-lifers—have been carefully scrutinizing the enemies of life, attending their meetings and conferences, receiving their mailings and communiqu?s, and infiltrating their ranks.

One of our greatest enemies is the American Civil Liberties Union, who, with a war chest of 200 million dollars and more than 2,000 lawyers, has set about trying to systematically destroy American values. It is America’s number one religious censor as it works tirelessly to cripple the Church and to establish a totally secular society. It has filed lawsuits to outlaw prayer, remove any mention of God, have the Ten Commandments removed from public display.

Not only does the ACLU work overtime to get all mention of religion, such as Nativity scenes and even “Christmas,” out of the public square, but it is also striving diligently to win a Supreme Court case banning the display of religious language on government property, so that even testimonies such as Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address on the wall of the Lincoln Memorial— with its allusions to God and Sacred Scripture—would have to be sanded out to meet the ACLU’s demands.

But one group who has organized to stop the ACLU from winning its anti-God cases, is the Alliance Defense Fund in Scottsdale, AZ. The Defense Fund is fighting the ACLU on many fronts, including its efforts to promote same sex marriage and abortion, push distribution of child pornography, and even punish the Boy Scouts for not allowing homosexual scout leaders.

The Alliance Defense Fund has the lawyers and the know-how to defeat the ACLU. It has won many cases that have reversed ACLU efforts to remove religion from the public square. They know how to beat the ACLU.

So we recommend that you help the Alliance Defense Fund in its undaunting war on the ACLU. This organization is doing something to preserve our basic rights as loyal Americans. Contact them. That’s Alan E. Sears, Alliance Defense Fund, 15333 N. Pima Road, Suite 165, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260. Tell them Joe sent you.

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