The Day Joe’s Been Awaiting for Twenty Years

Today is the day Joe Scheidler has been anticipating for the past 20 years. Joe and his pro-life co-defendants have won in the Supreme court—again! This time, it was a unanimous 8-0 decision (the newly appointed Justice Alito did not vote, as he was not yet on the Court when oral arguments were presented on November 30).

Another Win in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s decision today reaffirmed something we already know: It’s not a crime to take business away from an abortion clinic. The National Organization for Women thought it was, and for 20 years they’ve tried to get Joe Scheidler convicted under RICO, a federal racketeering law originally written to provide harsher penalties for crimes committed by the mob. They failed.

As you know, and his pro-life co-defendants already won the case at the Supreme Court three years ago by a vote of 8-1, but due to a bizarre set of circumstances, the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision was never implemented, and NOW kept insisting that the Supreme Court had made a mistake.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled for a second time in Joe’s favor, we can only hope that after 20 years, this ridiculous lawsuit is finally over with.

The Truth Hurts

Joe and Ann Scheidler are right now on their way to Illinois Wesleyan University where they will be giving a talk tonight on the inevitable downfall of Roe v. Wade. Because of today’s news from the High Court, Joe was not able to revise his Action News Hotline before leaving for tonight’s talk, so several comments from Joe will be offered through the remainder of this Hotline.

We understand open-minded pro-abortion students have been tearing down posters announcing their talk. Joe comments:

Terrified of the truth, these academic freedom fans when it comes to lies, can’t allow academic freedom when the message is something they don’t want anyone to hear, like the fact that abortion is murder and it’s on its way out. Nothing makes the stark poverty of pro-abortion arguments more obvious than the way the pro-aborts freak-out when the truth about abortion is being told. They even tear down signs to keep good people from learning the truth. The truth really hurts, doesn’t it guys?

Saint Thurgood?

The Episcopalians are still hankering to canonize Thurgood Marshall as a saint of the Episcopal Church. While it is true that he fought for civil rights, he was also one of the seven Justices who gave us abortion on demand. And the subsequent death of nearly 50 million babies of all races, but disproportionately black. Joe declares, “If that’s a qualification for sainthood, we’ll eat our hat and both shoes. Who’s next, St. Margaret Sanger?”

What’s the “Emergency”?

An article in the Washington Post says more than 60 bills have already been filed in state legislatures this year dealing with the morning after pill, either trying to make it easier to get or less available, and writer Marc Kaufman says the bills follows pretty much the red state-blue state pattern.

The article says while the pill, Plan B, is being touted as a contraceptive, quote “many in the right-to-life movement say it amounts to an early abortion.” Joe responds, “Give me a break, Marc, it is called ’emergency contraception.’ You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Or just read the literature in the package.”

Sun-Times Wrong Again

A Chicago Sun-Times editorial Monday says the late term abortion ban (partial birth ) will put Justice Sam Alito to the test early. The Ninth Circuit in California ruled that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act is unconstitutional, but the editorial claims that the procedure is very rare and is done only under extreme circumstances. This is not true: abortionist Haskell says he does it all the time for healthy women’s convenience to get rid of a healthy baby.

Says Joe, “The editorial is so bad it would be funny, if the subject weren’t so extremely serious.” The article goes on to lie that Roe v. Wade has not been abused, and that in this country it is very hard to obtain an abortion, and concludes that most Americans accept Roe v Wade as settled law.

Then there’s Neil Steinberg’s column in the same issue, bragging that he doesn’t even know who his state senator is, and that most Americans support abortion. He makes fun at those who want to curb the slaughter, calling them bowl-haircut-fundamentalist dweebs who leap into state government. Steinberg compares banning abortion with prohibition of alcohol.

Governors Watch

A story in Monday’s Chicago Tribune on Judy Baar Topinka says she supports abortion with some “common sense restrictions.

Bob Novak says Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney may be considering a bid for President and is trying to court pro-lifers while saying he would enforce a law that requires the morning-after pill be made available in Massachusetts’ Catholic hospitals. “Brilliant,” says Joe.

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