League Launches Campaign to Expose Roe v. Wade

The League Directors will launch their first talk of the new series on “Exposing Roe v. Wade” Tuesday, Feb. 28 at Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL, at 7 p.m., sponsored by the Titan Pro-Life Club. As promised on Monday’s Action News, here is a brief outline of our expose of the January 22, 1973 abortion rulings, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, and what these rulings have done to our country.

History Before Roe

In our talk we will present background by quoting the Hippocratic Oath of 500 BC, which condemns abortion as the taking of human life and vows the doctor never to perform an abortion or to give a woman an instrument to cause an abortion.

We go through acknowledgment of abortion’s low esteem throughout history, the 1871 condemnation of abortion by the fledging American Medical Association who called abortion the “wholesale destruction of unborn infants,” and “unprovoked murder.” We quote the prestigious “California Medicine” statement that the new ethic avoids the scientific fact that human life begins at conception.

We then reveal medical texts that affirm human life from conception, as well as journals that support this truth, and innumerable studies of ancient and modern texts that ascertain that abortion through the centuries was routinely condemned as a heinous crime. We point out that our founding documents, and the laws that grew out of them, condemned abortion and punished the abortionists.

We show that all religions condemn abortion as the taking of innocent human life. John Calvin called it the killing of a man in his home, and Martin Luther called it simply “murder.” We conclude the preface with the fact that arguments for abortion are all based on lies.

The Lies and Fallacies Behind Roe

We then go into the documented discovery that Roe v. Wade, manufactured by Justices Harry Blackmun and William Brennan, is cut from whole cloth, growing out of conditions such as the materialism and secularism of the post World War II culture, widespread use of artificial contraception, the loosening of state abortion restrictions, the over- population myth promoted by secular groups and spread by the secular media, and the general relaxing of morals on every level.

We point to popular fictions like the made-up “right to privacy,” the run-away imperial law-making judiciary, mass confusion of the laity, greed of the medical profession and weakening of Church leadership.

We show that Americans were primed to accept this most outrageous and ridiculous ruling in our nation’s history—a ruling that says it was right and legal to murder helpless, unborn children for any reason or no reason, for the full nine months of an unborn infant’s life. A decision that dissenting Justice Byron White called an “exercise in raw judicial power.”

The abortion rulings of 1973 are so replete with non-sequiturs and fallacies of logic, as to be a model of bad law based on willful deception.

The Consequences of Roe

After this we catalogue the devastating consequences of these rulings on American morals, women’s lives, burgeoning of STDs, emergence of homosexual demands, increase in divorce, rapid infiltration of pornography into every facet of life, increase of self-loathing, and a Pandora’s box of moral and physical ills.

We conclude with reference to the inevitable increase in child abuse, physical and psychological consequences of abortion on women, men and families and ultimately on society. We trot out the growing opposition to abortion, show the rapid development of critical changes taking place in our society that work together to eventually make Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton history.

Roe Has Got To Go

We show why Roe will go, and is going. We point out how it will happen. What will our country be like without Roe? What will it mean for states to take up the battle? For now, the handwriting is on the wall.

Our hope is that our “Roe v.Wade Has Got To Go” project will spread across the country and be picked up by every pro-life educational organization in the land and quickly become the best exposed secret of the decade. Say a prayer.

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