Australia’s Demographic Crisis

“We’re aborting ourselves almost out of existence.”

This startling but accurate cry from a member of the Australian Liberal Party recently angered her colleagues as she berated the current rate of abortions and efforts by members of the House of Representatives to put RU-486, the French Abortion pill, directly into the hands of the country’s main drug regulator, where it would get wide distribution.

Danna Vale also worries that immigrants from Muslim countries will soon outnumber native-born Australians, if the rate of abortions continues.

Australia’s Demographic Crisis

Members of the Australian House want the abortion pill to be removed from the Health Minister’s jurisdiction and go on the open market through the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The Senate has already voted to hand control of the abortion drug over to the TGA, to pave the way for the drug to be cleared for use.

Vale backed up her statement with a threat made by a Muslim, who claims that Australia will be a Muslim nation in fifty years. “I didn’t believe him at the time, but when you actually look at the birth rates and when you look at the fact that we are aborting ourselves almost out of existence by 100,000 abortions every year . . . that’s five million potential Australians we won’t have here in the next 50 years.”

The Liberal Party in Australia is the ruling center-right party. Vale has probably got it right, as the same thing can be said for most of the countries of Europe, as Muslims move in and have big families and don’t assimilate but retain their customs and religion. Meanwhile the French, Swedes, Italians and Germans are watching their native populations disappear as they contracept and abort their posterity, and abandon their traditions and religious values.

It is sad to visit Europe fifty years later and notice the drastic changes there. Materially better off, but spiritually dead and dying.

Abortion Just Isn’t Safe

An excellent letter to the Editors in a recent edition of the National Catholic Register by Annemarie Muth of Bluffton, IN exposes abortion for the lie it is. In l973, she notes, Roe v. Wade promised to stop back-alley abortions, and make abortion safe and rare, but is 48 million abortions “rare,” and just how safe are abortions done in unregulated clinics?

Annemarie reminds us of the $27,000 spent by one mother on her 14-year-old daughter who got a “safe, legal” and botched abortion. Women are still being butchered by abortionists, some of whom don’t even have medical licenses.

And is the Pill safe? Four women have died from RU-486 in the U.S., and the New England Journal of Medicine says these pills are 10 times more likely to cause maternal death than surgical abortions are.

And that’s not to mention the medical disasters that don’t kill but cause life-threatening hemorrhaging, or the psychological toll: lifelong grief, guilt, substance abuse and suicide. More and more women are speaking out against the abortions they had. Annemarie says it is time to stop Roe.v. Wade and start healing our society. Now why don’t you write a letter like that?

League To Launch Roe Education Campaign

The League’s program to educate the public on what Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton really say, and why the abortion rulings have to go, will be launched Tuesday, February 28 with a talk at Illinois Wesleyan College, Bloomington, IL at 6:30 PM.

After 33-years of stark ignorance it is time the facts get out, and we plan to leak them out big time. Thirty-three years of ignorance about the most disastrous crime in our nation’s history is 33-years too long. On weekend Action News we ill present our talk-outline.

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