Legislators At March For Life Chime In

Justice Sam Alito squeeked through Senate confirmation 58 to 42 Tuesday and was immediately sworn in so he could appear with the justices at President Bush’s State of the Union talk. Now we’ll see if he’s the pro-life jurist we all hope he is.

The Liberal Hegemony Is Ending

In his talk, Bush said nothing about abortion but took a swipe at those trying to redefine marriage. It was a good talk, with Bush defending his decisions and calling for more cooperation between the parties. But what charged the atmosphere was the sense that this is the beginning of the end of liberal control and the ultimate end of legalized abortion. There is a chink is in the liberal armor, and to some extent George Bush has helped put it there.

Legislators Speak Out for Life

What would the movement do without Life Advocacy Briefing? They were alert enough to gather comments from many of the Republican legislators who attended the March for Life rally, and here are excerpts:

Chris Smith, NJ, said that we know babies from at least 20 weeks feel pain, more excruciating that we feel, so abortion mills are torture mills. Dismemberment and chemical abortions hurt. The US must fulfill its promise of the inclusion of all. Unborn children are no less human and alive than Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi.

Steve Chabot, OH, said that if killing 46 million innocent little lives isn’t sufficient justification to overrule Roe, I don’t know what is.

Jean Schmidt, also OH, said that if you don’t respect life at its beginning you’ll never respect it at its end.

Steve Garrett, NJ, said we want to shine the light of day on the truth of the terror that abortion is. 33 years ago a dark cloud spread across this nation and closed the eyes of political leaders, that brought darkness to so many that we could not see the facts. We bring these facts forth, that in a day’s time 3,000 innocent lives will be taken, in a year over a million and over the last 30 years, 43 million who could not join us today; facts that mothers suffer pain for the rest of their lives, that the nation’s soul is at a crossroads. But government exists to propel the human spirit, and to excel in the potential the Creator has set forth for us.

Steve King, LA, said every young person in America needs to grow up knowing life begins at conception and that their life is sacred under God.

Last year (he said) I held snowflake babies who had been frozen embryos. Their names are Ben and David and Sam, as lively as any children their age could be. Yet people want your tax dollars to experiment on frozen embryos bercause they don’t understand that that’s already a life. How did we get here? The Supreme Court created this thing called a right to privacy that doesn’t exist in our Constitution. Our founders got it right. They were consistent with the Bible, with God’s vision. The Supreme Court will get there—that the Constitution protectrs life.

Mike Pence,IN, said we must never relent, we must never tire, we must never lose heart in the cause of life, because the cause of life is not ours, but it is the cause of the Author of Life who says “I set before you life and death.” Now, America, choose life.

Melissa Hart, PA, said if America is strong, America has the compassion to take care of the unborn, and Jeff Fortenberry, NE, called abortion a fundamental injustice against women and unborn children and has caused a deep wound in the sould of our country. The early feminist movement recognized this injustice. The pro-life community offers hope and prayers, and if someone makes the tragic decision of abortion, we still say we will help you heal.

Mike Ferguson, NJ, said we gather to proclaim support for a culture of life, a supportive embrace to women in difficult pregnancies, to nurture children, give hope to those who have nowhere to turn and prayers for all who work on behalf of life, as well as and those who have not yet embraced a culture of life.

Todd Tiahrt, KS, said he can see a day when we turn this around and each American knows the value of the sanctity of life. Todd Akin, MO, said a government that does not protect life is not doing its job. A court that does not protect life and does not allow children to pray, has ripped the heart out of America, and must not stand. We will be back until it is overturned.

Thanks, Life Advocacy Briefing.

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