Pro-Abortion Crowd Getting More and More Desperate

As of this writing the Senate Democrats under the misdirection of Ted Kennedy and John Kerry plan to try a filibuster to delay or even scuttle Samuel Alito’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. Even anti-Alito Democrats like Senators Joe Biden, Charlie Schumer and Barack Obama think the filibuster is a bad idea because it won’t stop the confirmation of Alito and it makes the Democrats look frustrated, which they are.

Filibuster Fizzles

All their lies about Alito haven’t worked and he has the votes for confirmation and the votes to break a filibuster. Biden says the effort is not wise and should be used only when you have a prospect of succeeding. He added “Alito will be confirmed.” Obama, along with Harry Reid and Schumer, have expressed their unhappiness with the filibuster bid. By the time you read this, Sam Alito may have been confirmed as the 110th member of the U. S. Supreme Court, no thanks to losers like Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and their clueless gang of pro-aborts.

Abortion Supporters Grow Worried

Are the pro-aborts really loosing it? Here’s what a recent Reuters story has to say: In Wichita, KS abortion rights supporters held a “chili for choice” fund-raising dinner and in Pierre, SD pro-aborts plotted strategy in the “Back Alley” meeting hall, as the decades old debate over abortion has become a full-blown battle.

But even as they raise money and march, the view form the pro-choice side is that this is a fight they are losing. The expected confirmation of Sam Alito is seen as a key turning point. But it is only the latest in a series of blows to abortion rights.

They face an avalanche of state legislation ranging from laws banning most abortions to limiting birth control and restrictions on sex education. “Roe in the short term will be dismantled,” says Nancy Keenan of NARAL Pro-choice America. Others say we are seeing a right-leaning anti-choice Supreme Court, that polls show that a majority of Americans see abortion as the most important issue before the court, and Americans are evenly divided on abortion, while Conservative religious groups are getting more powerful.

There is an increase in power of religious conservatives in public policy. Enhanced technology helps: 4-D ultrasound is giving a face to the unborn. The baby is being brought into the debate. Claims by women that abortion has scarred them physically and emotionally hurts the abortion cause, while Americans are beginning to see abortion as a form of injustice, the destruction of an innocent human life.

The presidency, House and Senate being pro-life helps the pro-life cause, and perhaps soon the Court will change . Twenty-six states outlaw abortion after 12 weeks, and others have parental notification, waiting periods, informed consent, abortion clinic regulations and so on. The abortion crowd is worried. And Reuters thinks they should be.

Coulter Knocks Dems New Abortion Strategy

So does Ann Coulter in a column called, “Abortion stops a bleeding heart.” Coulter says the Democrats are trying to “reframe” their message to make people think they also believe abortion is wrong. She says it will be a hard sell as they continue to ferociously defend abortion on demand right up to birth.

Coulter says that even the secular press is getting the message that being too pro-abortion is not too smart, and that Democrats would be wise to begin distancing themselves from the more gross forms. One columnist told the Democrats that they can tell themselves the pro-choice majority stayed home in the last election, or voted on other issues, but the fact is that abortion is no longer a winning issue.

Abe Lincoln once said, Coulter reminds us, that you can repeal the Declaration of Independence and repeal past history, but you cannot repeal human nature, which will eventually win out. Justice Antonin Scalia said the court’s refusal to overturn Roe won’t stand because Americans love democracy and they are not fools. Coulter predicts that the last group to realize that the 1973 abortion ruling is a catastrophe, will probably be that very Court.

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