Ann Arbor Clinic Closes; Closed Jackson Clinic Fined

Happy New Year to all our faithful Action News readers. We pray for all of you daily, and trust that 2006 will bring many blessings and happy events—and that you’ll be able to make the most of the less happy ones.

Tragic Deaths—Please Pray

We start the year with an untimely death of Peter Scheidler’s sister-in-law, Amy, who died of a heart attack Saturday at the age of 35. Joe and Ann Scheidler are attending her funeral in St. Louis on Wednesday. Please pray for the repose of her soul and for her family.

Last Saturday, League Director Joe Scheidler attended the funeral of sixteen-year old Robert Oakes, one of the young men killed last Thursday in an automobile accident on Cicero Avenue in Lincolnwood, just north of the League offices. The other young man killed in the accident, Dan Noble, was buried Tuesday. Keep them and their families in your prayers.

Ann Arbor Abortion Clinic CLOSED

We recently received word from Nate Harburg, a young seminarian and pro-life activist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, that the city’s Health Care for Women abortion facility closed for good on December 20. The abortionist, known by local pro-life activists as “Dr. A.,” was apparently evicted for not paying rent.

In sharing the news of the clinic’s closing, Nate urged us to pray for Dr. A.’s conversion, and made an interesting observation: the number of abortion facilities in the US is decreasing at approximately the same rate as the number of Eucharistic adoration chapels is increasing.

Closed Jackson Clinic Fined $500,000

Speaking of closed abortion clinics, a Mississippi judge ordered Jackson’s defunct New Woman Medical Center to pay Latosha Travis $500,000 in damages after the clinic failed to respond to the malpractice lawsuit she filed after she nearly died following an abortion performed by Malachy Dehenre.

A similar default judgment awaits Dehenre, whose whereabouts are unknown. Wherever he is, he isn’t practicing medicine, at least not legally. The Mississippi state medical board suspended his license last year following numerous complaints of botched abortions, including one woman who died 18 hours after Dehenre aborted her child.

Legislators Fight for Pro-Life Illinois Pharmacists

Closer to home, two Illinois state lawmakers Rep. Ron Stephens, a Republican from Mulberry Grove, and Rep. Kurt Granberg, a Democrat from Carlyle have proposed legislation that would overturn Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s mandate that pharmacists fill prescriptions for the morning-after pill, which can cause an abortion.

Please pray for the success of these bills to overturn Blagojevich’s autocratic gubernatorial order.

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