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Helper Bill’s “Bumper Crop”

Taylor's Family

Taylor and her family, including saved twins, Patrick and Paul [Photo by Bill Keen]

I recently spoke with Bill Keen, a Chicago Helpers sidewalk counselor of many years. Bill possesses a tremendous love for abortion-bound moms and their unborn babies, as well as a talent for telling their stories.

One day, as we were delivering an entire truckload of furniture that had been donated to us for a mom whom Bill had turned away from abortion, I told him that I would like to write about some of the wonderful ways in which he has helped to save babies. Ever modest, he replied, “Oh, no, please don’t write about me.” When I explained that these stories could encourage and inspire those who read them, he said, “Well, that’s important, so go ahead.” (Out of respect for their privacy, I have not used the real names of the mothers whose stories Bill shared with me.)

In this limited space, I will only be able to share some of the broad outlines, so please bear in mind that Bill’s care for these mothers and babies extends far beyond his meeting them and helping them choose life outside of the abortion mill. He continues to share in their joys and sorrows and provides for them in many ways, from delivering furniture and assembling baby cribs to helping with clothing and food. Bill is always available with a caring ear and a warm heart.

The Fruits of Kindness

With this in mind, I would like to share the stories of two pairs of twin babies that the Lord saved from abortion through the instrument of Bill. I like to call them “Bill’s Bumper Crop.” Here is a thumbnail sketch of the first half of the harvest:

Bill met the twins’ mother, Taylor, through Janeen. Janeen had met Bill outside the Washington Street abortion facility where, without Bill’s presence, she would have aborted her baby. Bill helped Janeen find an apartment, contributed to the deposit and first month’s rent and has helped with food, furniture and friendship ever since.

Bill’s charity touched Janeen so deeply that when her cousin Taylor came to her to tell her that she was pregnant with twins (for the second time!) and planned to get an abortion, Janeen earnestly shared with Taylor all that she had learned of the beauty of life through her friendship with Bill. She also put Taylor in touch with Bill and together they ministered to Taylor with such sincerity that her heart was touched and she turned away from abortion.

Taylor gave birth to twin boys, Patrick and Paul. They are the apple of her eye, and the whole family—Taylor’s mother, daughter and older twin boys—have welcomed them with delight.

Charlotte's Family

Charlotte’s twins, Lucy and Jameel [Photo by Bill Keen]

A Family in Crisis

The second half of the harvest began with Bill’s meeting Charlotte outside of the abortion center. Charlotte was on her way inside for an abortion because she just wasn’t happy with her relationship. She and her boyfriend had no real financial troubles and had been together for several years and had a daughter together. However, they had not married, and were drifting apart. Abortion seemed like the answer.

Bill opened Charlotte’s eyes to the possibility of a good life, a marriage, and a happy family. He explained the tragedy that would descend on her life as well as upon her boyfriend and daughter if she aborted her baby. At the time they met, Charlotte was about ten weeks pregnant, and didn’t know that she, like Taylor, would give birth to twins. But she listened to Bill, and she too is now rejoicing. Her twins, Lucy and Jameel, are the love not only of her life but of their father’s and big sister’s as well.

Bill is keeping in close contact with this family as well, in hopes that Charlotte and her boyfriend will become more truly committed to each other, find a way to heal their relationship and consider anchoring their little family in marriage.

Bill can attest to the words of Our Lord that “the harvest is great.” But Our Lord also tells us that “the workers are few.” Please consider joining us and harvesting a bumper crop of your own.

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Appleton Helpers Heat Up the North

Appleton Group

[Photo by Julie McCreevy]

Chicago Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Director Julie McCreevy traveled to Appleton, WI on Saturday, May 6 for a vigil with the Appleton Helpers, ably organized by Margie Beck (front row, second from left). The day began with a Helpers pro-life Mass at St. Pius X Church, followed by a prayer vigil at the Appleton Planned Parenthood. The group then returned to St. Pius for Benediction and a sidewalk counseling seminar led by Julie, followed by a lovely luncheon.

The privilege of working with such inspired counselors and prayer warriors made Julie’s 400-mile round trip well worth it.

Toasting a Helper’s Happiness

Vince and Gabriele

Just married, Vincent Tessitore toasts his radiant Brazilian bride, Gabriele. The couple’s March 11, 2006 wedding took place at the church of Nossa Senora do Brazil (Our Lady of Brazil) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Vince is a long time Chicago Helpers of God’s Precious Infants sidewalk counselor. He has saved many babies and their parents from the tragedy of abortion. We wish this wonderful pair many blessings and much happiness.

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