Activism Update

Activism Update

CLOSED: Clinics in Ann Arbor and Olympia

Pro-Life activists in Ann Arbor, Michigan were elated to learn that the Health Care for Women abortion facility closed for good on December 20, 2005. The clinic had begun to show signs of decline over the past few years: structural repairs were ignored, “deathscorts” disappeared, abortionist Dr. Robert Alexander was served with legal notices and the staff was reduced to one. Activists had prayed, counseled, and protested at the clinic since Dr. Alexander began operating it in 1985, and had stepped up their efforts in recent years.

December 2005 also saw the closing of Eastside Women’s Health Clinic in Olympia, Washington, which had long been a target of the group Show the Truth Washington State. Over the years, the clinic was responsible for more than 7,000 abortions. Its abortionists cited rising insurance costs as the reason for the clinic’s closing. Show the Truth leaders Ed and Virginia Sauley report that they will now focus attention on another clinic in the city.

Walk for Life West Coast

For the second annual Walk for Life West Coast, the streets of San Francisco were filled with fifteen thousand pro-lifers, twice last year’s turnout. Pro-abortion malcontents made a nuisance of themselves by attempting to block the walkers’ route, throwing condoms at pro-lifers, and displaying clumsy signs ranging from the bizarre to the threatening.

The Walk’s theme was “Women Deserve Better than Abortion”—also the slogan of Feminists for Life of America, whose president, Serrin Foster, was among the speakers at a rally held before the walk. Other speakers included Baptist minister Clenard Childress, founder of BlackGenocide.org, and Carol Crossed of Democrats for Life.

Trente Ans Ça Suffit!

“Trente ans ça suffit!”—”Thirty years is enough!”—This was the cry of a predominantly youthful group of 10,000 French activists, who marched through Paris to affirm life and family values in the face of their country’s rampant anti-life secularism, and to remember the six million children killed since France legalized abortion in 1975. Delegations of young people from other countries also attended, including Spain, Belgium, and Germany.

Detroit Police Fumble the First Amendment

Life and Liberty Ministries Director Denny Green arrived in Detroit two days before the city was to host Super Bowl XL and immediately faced opposition from Detroit police. That evening, an officer wrote him a ticket for having no vehicle registration for his Truth Truck, which displays huge graphic abortion pictures on both sides. The officer was holding the registration in his hand while he wrote the ticket.

The next day, squad cars pulled over the Truth Truck and told Green he wasn’t permitted to drive the vehicle in the downtown area. The officers could cite no ordinance Green was violating, but nevertheless impounded the truck, issued Green a citation for “Violation of temporary signage in the entertainment zone,” and then arrested Green.

A van with aborted baby pictures driven by Missionaries to the Preborn’s Mark Gabriel was similarly stopped and impounded near the “entertainment zone” on Super Bowl Sunday. Deprived of their vehicles, Gabriel and Green, who had bonded out of jail the previous day, unfurled abortion signs in a pedestrian area outside Ford Field. After three hours, they were driven away by a Homeland Security task force.

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