League Welcomes John Roberts’ Confirmation as Chief Justice

Judge John G. Roberts

The Pro-Life Action League welcomes the confirmation of Judge John G. Roberts as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Roberts was confirmed Thursday, Sept. 29 by a vote of 78-22.

Roberts’ confirmation hearings did little to shed light on how he might vote in abortion cases and other matters of concern to pro-lifers, but many pro-life leaders continue to express confidence that a Roberts court will be good for the cause.

League National Director Joe Scheidler remarked, “Roberts’ sharp intellect and conservative credentials suggest that he will decide cases according to what the Constitution actually says, rather than his own personal views—whatever they may be. This can only help when it comes to pro-life cases.”

Roberts confirmation is of particular interest to Scheidler and the League since he will preside over the court when they present oral arguments before the Supreme Court on Nov. 30. This will be the third Supreme Court appearance in the historic, twenty-year case, NOW v. Scheidler.

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