Mother Nature Rains on Illinois NARAL’s Parade

Protest in the rain

Pro-lifers’ abortion signs expose the meaning of “choice” during July 26 “Honk and Wave for Choice” [Photo by EJS]

On Tuesday, July 26, over two dozen pro-life activists braved driving winds and torrential rains to counter-protest Illinois NARAL’s so-called “Honk and Wave for Choice” event at Madison and Wacker in downtown Chicago. The League learned of the event only days beforehand but immediately mobilized a counter-protest, outnumbering the pro-aborts three to one despite the gloomy weather forecast.

League members arrived shortly before the NARAL group and set up giant “Baby Choice” signs along Madison St. The downpour began shortly after the first pro-abortion protestors arrived. They took cover, while several pro-lifers stayed out in the rain, getting drenched in order to show the truth about abortion.


Luann Bloom and Beth Roland in the downpour [Photo by EJS]

As the rains continued, both groups congregated under the partial cover of the bank on the corner of Madison and Wacker, exchanging chants. League Communications Director Eric Scheidler, who spearheaded the counter-protest, commented that the pro-abortion group was “drowned out” in more ways than one.

The protest was broken up after about 45 minutes when security guards demanded that both groups leave the shelter of their property. The League group agreed that it had been one of the most upbeat pro-life actions they had ever been involved with.

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