American Girl Feels the Heat

To: National Desk
Contact: Ann Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, 773-777-2900, 312-965-1030 cell, ann@prolifeaction.org

Chicago, Oct. 24—”American Girl, maker of American Girl Dolls, must be receiving enough calls and emails to cause them considerable consternation,” said Pro-Life Action League’s Executive Director Ann Scheidler. “They are already de-emphasizing the ‘I Can’ project on their website, and have removed the link to Girls, Inc.”

While official statements issued by American Girl maintain that there are no plans to discontinue their affiliation with Girls, Inc., the League’s protest is clearly having an impact.

“If there is no announcement by American Girl that they have severed their relationship with Girls, Inc. by the end of October, the Pro-Life Action League will call for a national boycott of American Girl products and will organize demonstrations at the American Girl Place in Chicago and New York,” said Scheidler.

“The national media has picked up on the protest of American Girl,” said Scheidler, “because the company is perceived to be beyond reproach. But their endorsement of Girls, Inc., which supports abortion, contraception and lesbianism, is a betrayal of the trust American families have place in American Girl.”

“It is our responsibility to alert consumers to the agenda of Girls, Inc. We will ask them not only to quit buying the ‘I Can’ bracelets, but not to purchase anything from American Girl until the company agrees to dissociate with Girls, Inc.”

“It is insidious for American Girl to manipulate girls into supporting Girls, Inc. through the ‘I Can’ bracelet and its promise,” said Scheidler. “Most of the girls buying the bracelets have no idea what Girls, Inc. stands for.”

American Girl states that their contributions are earmarked for specific academic and athletic programs. “The concept of ‘earmarking’ the donations for specific Girls, Inc. projects is deceptive,” said Scheidler, “since earmarking for one program simply frees up revenue for their reprehensible programs, such as promoting abortion. But their ‘earmarking’ ploy does imply that there are programs that American Girl is not comfortable with.

“From both a marketing and a moral perspective American Girl should cut its ties with Girls, Inc. and restore public confidence in the company and its stated mission to ‘educate and entertain girls with high-quality products and experiences that reinforce positive social and moral values,'” Scheidler said.

“We will continue to monitor American Girl and will be ready on November 1 to announce a boycott if necessary. With the Christmas shopping season fast approaching, a boycott may be what it takes to awaken American Girl to the expectations of its customers.”

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