League Protests with Not Dead Yet

Protesting with Not Dead Yet

John Jansen and Joe Scheidler hold “Save Terri” signs (upper left) during the March 29 protest [Photo by EJS]

The League took part in a protest and press conference on behalf of Terri Schiavo called March 29 at the State of Illinois buildling in Chicago by the disable-rights group Not Dead Yet. Numerous news media covered the event, and League signs reading “Save Terri—Euthenasia!” were seen in the Chicago Sun-Times and the local ABC TV affiliate.

After the protest, the group, including John Jansen and Joe, Ann and Eric Scheidler, passed out hundreds of leaflets on Terri Schiavo at Daley Plaza.

The League was doubly enthusiastic to join up with Not Dead Yet, since they filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court during our appeal in NOW v. Scheidler.

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