Don’t Buy Checks from Life Checks

The Pro-Life Action League has just learned that Life Checks, a company which provides pro-life and Christian themed personal checks, is owned by a company that supports abortion. Abortion industry watchdog group Life Dynamics has revealed that Life Checks’ parent company, Custom Direct LLC, provides pro-abortion checks through other check companies that it owns.

Custom Direct owns Message Producuts which provides NOW and Planned Parenthood checks, as well as “gay and lesbian” themed checks. These checks are also available through other Custom Direct companies. Additionally, Message Products donates a half-million dollars to so-called “social causes” every year, including pro-abortion, anti-family groups.

Get Your Checks Somewhere Else

The Pro-Life Action League joins Life Dynamics in calling on pro-lifers to buy their checks elsewhere. Those who have already bought Life Checks are encouraged to return them for a refund. See Custom Direct’s products page to see all of the companies they own in order to avoid buying checks from a company that promotes abortion.

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