American Girl Doll Company Helps Fund Pro-Abortion Group

"I Can" Bracelet

Sales of this “I Can” bracelet support the pro-abortion, pro-lesbian agenda of Girls Inc.

Update 10/24: Ten days after initially alerting the public to the link between American Girl and Girls Inc., the Pro-Life Action League issued a press release, commenting on American Girl’s response so far, and announcing that a boycott of American Girl’s products will begin Nov. 1 if the company has not severed all ties to Girls Inc. by that date.

The Pro-Life Action League is alerting parents that a seemingly innocent self-esteem campaign launched by the popular American Girl doll company is helping to support the pro-abortion, pro-lesbian agenda of Girls Incorporated.

In August, American Girl launched the “I Can” campaign, which involves a pledge and the purchase of a special bracelet. Seventy cents of each one-dollar bracelet sold will be donated to Girls Inc. American Girl is also donating an additional $50,000 to Girls Inc.

“Parents need to know that this effort to promote self-esteem among girls is not as innocent as it seems,” commented League Executive Director Ann Scheidler. “While Girls Inc. has some good programs, they also support abortion, oppose abstinence-only education for girls, and condone lesbianism.”

The Anti-Family Agenda of Girls Inc.

Excerpts from the Girls Inc. advocacy statement on girls’ health makes their anti-family agenda clear (emphasis added):

  • “Girls Incorporated supports a woman’s freedom of choice, a constitutional right established by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 in Roe vs. Wade.”
  • “To make responsible decisions about sexuality, pregnancy and parenthood, girls need and have a right to sensitive, truthful sexuality education; convenient access to safe, effective methods of contraception and protection from disease; and referral to comprehensive information, counseling, clinical and other services that support their responsible decisions.”
  • “Girls have a right to positive, supportive environments and linkages to community resources for dealing with issues of sexual orientation.”

In addition, Girls Inc.’s list [PDF] of “Sexuality Resources for Girls” includes books promoting premarital sex, birth control, contraception and abortion. And while Girls Inc. says they promote abstinence, their program for pregnancy prevention depends on providing birth control, and Girls Inc. opposed additional funding for abstinence education in the U.S. Senate.

League Urges Parents To Contact American Girl

The League is urging parents, grandparents and other family members to write and call American Girl President Ellen L. Brothers to object to the company’s support for Girls Inc. Letters, phone calls and e-mails should be directed to:

  • Ellen L. Brothers, President
    American Girl
    8400 Fairway Place
    Middleton, WI 53562
  • Tel: 1-800-845-0005
    Fax: 608-828-4790
    E-Mail: ellen.brothers@americangirl.com

Scheidler and the League hope American Girl will sever ties with Girls Inc. before the League calls for a boycott of American Girl products and launches a picketing campaign at the American Girl Place retail stores in Chicago and New York.

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