Pro-Life Wins One

If you read this before 9 a.m. Saturday rush down to the kickoff of our annual “Empty Manger” Christmas Caroling at abortion clinics. We’ll start at Planned Parenthood, 1200 N. LaSalle St., and end up at the Scheidlers’ for Hot Chocolate, and Caroling.

On Oct. 12 we contacted American Girl headquarters to ask them to sever relations with and funding of Girls, Inc., because Girls, Inc. is pro-abortion, pro-contraception and pro-lesbian. We said it was wrong for American Girl to make young girls support Girls, Inc. with money from the sale of “I Can” bracelets.

Since they wouldn’t stop we held a boycott, protests, pickets, sent press releases, wrote letters, did interviews, went national. We did the things activists do when they want a change in policy.

Now American Girl is terminating its Girls, Inc. alliance on Dec. 26. They have also adopted a new campaign and created a website, “Save Girlhood,” to help girls maintain their innocence. These were not their priorities two months ago, before we began our program to encourage change. The change taking place is what we asked for. If you don’t see a “cause and effect,” connection, we do.

If our boycott and protests worked, they encourage others to use these effective methods themselves. Our source at American Girl says catalogue sales are down 18%, while a cource at an alternative doll company says they have sent out 3,500 catalogues to customers upset with American Girl. Their sales skyrocketed. We believe pro-life won this skirmish.

Greeley Misreads Dickens

Charles Lindberg once said he did not trust people who don’t care about accuracy. They are dangerous, he wrote. They talk off the cuff and tell half-truths. They can’t be trusted. As an flyer, Lindberg couldn’t afford guesswork. To a pilot it could be lethal.

We don’t like guesswork either. In journalism it can be dangerous. Fr. Andrew Greeley would bother Charles Lindberg. Father guesses too much. An example: In a recent Chicago Sun-Times column mocking the early Church fathers for allowing Christmas to occur around the time of the pagan feasts of Saturnalia or Lupercalia, he points out that in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” there is not the slightest mention of Jesus.

Now, consider the scene where Bob Cratchet, on returning from Christmas services with Tiny Tim, tells his wife that Tim said it was good for people to see him, a cripple, because it would remind them of Who it was that made the blind see and cripples walk. Who was Tiny Tim referring to if not Christ?

We haven’t read “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” recently. Greeley says it doesn’t mentioning Christ, either. Let’s see.

Alito Bashed from Both Sides

Poor Judge Sam Alito, being battered and bruised from both sides. NARAL Pro-Choice America put out a twenty page diatribe on how anti-abortion he is, and why he must not be confirmed. But some pro-lifers are putting out tracts calling him a militant pro-abort.

We think he’ll be on the right side of the life issues, but since we don’t get to vote, it seems we’ll just have to sit and wait and hope and pray. Some things are out of our hands. There’s no use getting worked up about it.

We will go on doing what we do best—boycott dissidents, picket abortionists, debate the pro-aborts, sing Christmas carols at abortion mills, conduct truth tours, counsel women out of abortion, take unjust cases to the Supreme Court, and pray for God to win the battle for the lives of His little ones. We’ll let the great minds speculate on how good or bad Sam Alito will be.

Topinka/Birkett Ticket Uninspiring

What about Joe Birkett running with Judy Baar Topinka? Topinka thinks this pairing will help her become Governor by corraling conservativ votes, while Birkett believes it will give him clout to become Lt. Governor to get conservative bills passed. We have our doubts about both.

Topinka is pro-abortion with a nod to parental notification, and she supports civil unions while opposing an amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Many pro-lifers see this as an unholy alliance going nowhere. If you have another view give us a call or e-mail your thoughts.

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