Strange Logic Surrounding Multiple Abortions

American Girl may not want to admit it, but the League’s protest and boycott are bringing about change.

What’s behind “Save Girlhood” Campaign?

American Girl has announced a new program called, “Save Girlhood,” aimed at slowing the mad rush society is imposing on chldren to enter adulthood too soon. This, after having linked with Girls, Inc. that tries to rush little girls into education on birth control, lesbianism and abortion. Also, they are dropping their alliance with Girls, Inc.right after Christmas, and will not contribute to them further.

Of course, they are making no statement that this decision is a result of our boycott and protests, but we know from reliable sources that pro-life activists are in great part responsible for this change of heart and policy. So thanks to all of you who joined our efforts.

Beckman Debunks Richards

Bill Beckman of the Illinois Right to Life Committee has a comprehensive letter in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times, shooting down one-by-one all of Cindy Richards’ horrendous errors posing as facts in her Dec. 7 column, “Choices dwindling, state by state.”

Cindy used six cases of laws that restrict abortion, and Bill goes through them one-by-one and Cindy is left with nothing. It’s a joy to read, except we wish that Cindy had been right this time. We wish those laws were as effective as she claims. Beckman says Richards is long on dramatics but short on facts. How true.

Strange Column on Multiple Abortions

One of the most bizarre columns we’ve read lately was in last Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times Controversy by Jennifer Baumgardner. It’s titled, “The Unspoken shame of a Second Abortion.” She finds it strange that even pro-aborts look down on a woman going for a second abortion, while one abortion is a breeze.

She’s all over the place in this article and it’s hard to figure out where she is going, but she does get in her digs against pro-lifers by calling us “scary, toothless protesters.” Of all things! And we all try so hard to keep our teeth.

But she also gives us credit as “a robust pro-life movement that mobilized to scream at women the moment abortion became legal.” Thanks Jennifer, at least for that.

She admits that we help keep women wary about having abortions, but she also recognizes that many pro-choice women believe abortion is taking a life. But the woman’s own life is too important to sacrifice it to an unplanned pregnancy.

Baumgardner as mathematician goes into the probability of at least three surprise pregnancies in a woman’s your life, so what’s odd about multiple abortions? I mean, if you have no morals anyway, what’s’ the problem?

After Baulmgardner alludes to her own dissolute lifestyle, she reveals that one woman’s bizarre solution to multiple abortions was to become a lesbian. Please say a prayer for these unhappy people.

Parker’s Dreaming

Kathleen Parker in a column in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune says Hillary Rodham Clinton could win the Presidency if she had the guts to take on the abortion issue and act as a mediator between pro-abortion and pro-life and make abortion rare, as her great husband suggested.

Parker seems serious, pointing out that Hillary has already called abortion a sad, even tragic choice to many women, and suggesting that there is no reason why government cannot do more to educate and inform, and to provide assistance so that the choice guaranteed under our Constitution either does not ever have to be exercised or only in very rare circumstances.

Parker, who says she favors a graphic treatment of abortion presented to people honestly through education, seems to believe Clinton could serve as the great peacemaker between the two camps, pro-abort and pro-life. She says the voters are going to be watching. She’s dreaming.

“Empty Manger” Caroling Saturday

Join us Saturday, Dec. 17, for our annual “Empty Manger Christmas Caroling” visits to four Chicago abortion facilities, starting at 1200 N. LaSalle St. at 9 a.m. This tradition is taking root all across America. We end with hot chocolate at the Scheidlers. Call for information.

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