Abortionists Growing Desperate To Preserve Their Dirty Business

Wednesday is the Feast of St. Ambrose who fought the Arian Heresy almost single-handedly. Arians wanted to take away Christ’s divinity, making Christians all hopeless wrecks with Heaven still closed. Thank St. Ambrose for his tireless efforts and prayers to dispel Arianism, but also pray for our modern Arians, who are legion.

Wednesday is also Pearl Harbor Day. Pray for all the brave men and women who gave their lives in World War II to preserve our freedoms.

Abortion Abuses, Pro-Life Hopes

How low have we sunk? Dr. Jack Willke tells of a radio call-in host in Washington who held a contest to find out who in his audience had the highest number of abortions. A man called in to brag that he was responsible for sixteen abortions.

While we know of a woman in Dallas who had 22 abortions and one in Russia who had 36, the contest was disgusting and perverse, but it says a lot about the moral state of our nation. Dr. Willke says a “contest” like this on a popular radio show makes it clear that evil is deeply entrenched in our culture, and that we face a long and difficult battle.

Jack, head of Life Issues Institute of Cincinnati, relates how an abortionist walked out on a eight-month pregnant woman locking her in his mill, while paramedics had to break in to save her and her baby. In Cleveland an aborted woman bled to death, a New York abortionist sent a botched abortion patient by car to the hospital, a mill with a blood-saturated rugs, rat droppings,and dead mice had medical supplies and food packed in a refrigerator with aborted babies. He says it’s common for abortionists to be uninsured and to give out expired drugs, hire unlicensed staff, and do abortions on non-pregnant women.

But Jack has more than horror stories, and encourages us with the facts that young people are flocking to the pro-life movement, that the number of abortions being performed is falling dramatically, and that even abortionists are changing their marketing tactics such as dropping the euphemism “choice.” The abortionists are losing on all fronts, even politically and in the courts.

Richards Is Right To Worry

Confirming Dr. Willke’s letter is a column Wednesday by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Cindy Richards who says the abortion crowd is deeply depressed. The Supreme Court is in transition and may end up 5-4 pro-life, she warns. Also, many states are already requiring parental consent or notification, waiting periods, informed consent, and some states are getting ready to prohibit all abortions as soon as Roe is overturned.

Cindy weeps with Terry Cosgrove of Personal PAC that reproductive life (killing babies) is not always easy for women, while ninety percent of Illinois counties have no abortion provider at all, and women have to get in their cars and drive out of town to get an abortion. Cindy says we are only one election away from more abortion restrictions.

We may not even need an election, Cindy. Bush could have another appointment to the Supreme Court with just one more retirement .

While we are delighted to have so many restrictions on abortion, they are not nearly enough. We won’t be happy until all abortions are outlawed. That’s what we’re working toward. Small victories are nice, but as long as abortion is legal our job isn’t completed.

Steinberg Right This Once

Neil Steinberg, whom we rarely agree with, writes a good column Dec. 7 in the Chicago Sun-Times on celebrating Christmas. Steinberg is Jewish, but thinks it’s silly to make a big deal out of Hanukkah, a minor Jewish holiday, and considers it offensive to wish Blacks a Happy Kwanzaa.

Neil says he wants us to stop saying “Happy Holidays’ and “Season’s Greeting,” and all the other neutered, deracinated mumble phrases invented by greeting card manufactures. “Try Merry Christmas,” he urges. ” Sure, you might offend somebody—who deserves to be offended.”

Nice going, Neil. Everyone gets it right at least once.

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