“Bullies” Picket American Girl Place — With Their Dolls

We will call the office after oral hearings at the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday, and John Jansen will put our observations on Wednesday’s Action News.

High Court Hears Oral Arguments Wednesday

Three questions will be covered during our hearing:

  1. whether the Seventh Circuit disregarded the Supreme Court mandate to reverse the judgment in our RICO case;
  2. whether RICO’s so-called crimes can be read as broadly as NOW proposes; and
  3. whether a private party like NOW is entitled to a federal injunction.

The Supreme Court already decided all these things, but NOW wasn’t satisfied.

Arguing the case for Scheidler and the League is Alan Untereiner who will yield a portion of his half-hour to the U.S. Solicitor General, also arguing for the pro-life petitioners. As we’ve said, NOW’s lawyers don’t think the Supreme Court meant what it said in ruling that the judgment must be reversed. We think they meant what they said, and that they will say it again.

American Girl Pickets Brave the Cold

Fifty stalwarts braved 15 degree temperatures Friday to march in front of American Girl Place on Chicago Ave. to protest the toy company’s link-up with Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that endorses abortion and lesbianism. American’s Girl’s link-up includes funding this pro-abortion agency through a $50,000 gift and sale of “I Can” bracelets.

Our signs were all text, no graphics—Girls for Life, Moms for Life, and Dads for Life, with some signs crossing out Girls, Inc., and American Girl. A low-key flyer with an American Girl doll holding a picket sign was handed out. Only three pro-aborts showed up.

There was little comment from shoppers, though some were surprised to learn of the unholy alliance, and decided not to buy. There was good electronic media coverage, but no newspaper reporters. Best was CNN with a full report Friday night, including interviews with a pro-life mother and daughters, Ann Scheidler, plus a weak opponent.

A weasel statement by Barack Obama calling the protest “silly” was flashed on the screen. Obama supports abortion and gay rights. Ann handled herself well. We were proud of all the moms and daughters and others who came out to protest in the freezing cold for two hours, standing up for the babies and trying to get American Girl to sever its ties with Girls, Inc.

Nonsense from Laura Berman

Laura Berman in Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times does a column taking the side of American Girl and Girls Inc. She messes up her facts, but still has to admit that two vastly different world views are in conflict.

“It’s true,” she writes, ” that Girls Inc. provides information on a broad range of sexual health matters , including terminating a pregnancy and embracing a lesbian orientation, but reducing the agency to having a “pro-lesbian, pro-abortion agenda” is myopic. It’s done a lot of good for women, she says.

She assumes that we showed abortion pictures and she goes to bat for the girls, “who don’t need to now about abortion.” We didn’t show any graphics. Laura didn’t take time to check it out.

But she does admit that,

Of course, American Girl is not blameless, either. Abortion represents a tragedy. Even though it is a woman’s right to choose, the circumstances surrounding the choice are so often tragic. Whether you believe life begins at conception, the lost potential an abortion represents is reason for sadness. The right to choose carries with it a lot of personal and political baggage, and American Girl should at least acknowledge this complication in its do-good agenda.

But Laura wants every mother to buy her daughter an American Girl doll to stand up to the bullies (that’s those pro-life moms and little girls out there marching in the cold ) and says that “we’re the ones who care about children, both born and unborn.”

How does she figure? The unborn? Where did that come from? Supporting Girls, Inc. is supporting abortion. You can’t have it both ways.

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