The Media Stacks the Deck — but Pro-Life Is Still Winning

We predict that the secular media will never get it right—even when Americans sometime in the future turn completely around and eradicate abortion, just as we did slavery and child labor, and gave women the vote and made it possible for Southern Blacks to go to the polls, the media still won’t get it right.

The Media Just Don’t Get It

What they won’t get right is that human beings—every bit as important and valuable as they are—are killed by chemical abortions, that most forms of so-called contraception are abortifacient, that embryonic stem cell experiments kill human being, and that these are not opinions, but facts that are denied at one’s peril.

Newspapers boast that they present “all the news that’s fit to print,” and then print a lot of lies. They salute the truth, but treat it as an enemy. And they almost never do their homework in matters of morality, but generally adopt the morals of the libertines. In religious matters, they seldom investigate in depth, but treat spiritual matters with levity.

It seems that many newsmen and newswomen don’t care about the truth; but prefer to manufacture it to suit their own prejudices. They were mostly wrong about abortion before it became legal, and they will most likely still be wrong about it when it is once again illegal.

Rhetoric versus Reality

If any of them had read the two abortion rulings any time in the past 33 years, they would have discovered that abortion is permitted up to the day of birth. If any of them had read the decisions they would know that when the polls show that Americans don’t want Roe changed, the people polled don’t know what Roe allows.

Other polls make it clear that these same Americans don’t approve of what Roe permits—like late term abortions, partial birth abortion, abortion for economic reasons, all of which Roe allows. They want parental consent, spousal consent, a waiting period, informed consent, none of which are granted by Roe.

Scientists, embryologists, neonatologists, even some gynecologists know that life begins at fertilization, not implantation. But the media folks have bough the lie that life begins when a fertilized egg is implanted, not when an egg is fertilized. How illogical can you get?

Stacking the Deck

A story in Monday’s Chicago Tribune, “Morning-after pill fight pits science vs. policy,” suggests that it is really political if you don’t want women to have over the counter access to chemical abortions, the killing unborn children. But would it be political not to want crack cocaine sold over the counter to teens, so they can scramble their brains?

It’s one thing for people like Hillary Clinton to vow to fight the FDA until it allows Plan B to be sold over the counter, but for the Tribune to say that this over-the-counter abortifacients struggle shows “what can happens when scientific advances in the realm of human sexuality and reproduction collide with conservative-leaning social policies” is off the mark.

The Media sees this struggle only in political terms, when its really all about the value of human life. They even say the battle over stem cell research and RU 486 is laden with abortion politics.

And note the terms they use to sell their liberal views: those who believe in the value of human life are “conservatives, far- right, the religious right.” But those who support the killing of the unborn are always “moderate.”

As long as the media consider the killing of helpless human beings a moderate position, they will never get close to the truth, and that is one of the big problems in this battle: the media stack the deck with prejudiced language. But every day our ranks increase, while the ranks of the liberals and moderates continue to dry up.

So some day we will win. And the media will be standing there with its big mouth hanging open and its many faces encrusted with egg, and they will be wondering aloud, “What Happened?”

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