Contraceptive Patch Users Run Risk of Deadly Blood Clots

We took a minute at 11AM Friday to pray for those who died fighting for our country. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude for paying the ultimate price. God rest their souls.

Pro-Lifers Put the Lie to Abortion

I’m currently reading stacks of questionnaires the League sent out this year asking supporters when they got active in pro-life, what triggered their interest and what was their most memorable pro-life experience. We also asked why they like the Pro-Life Action League.

It’s inspiring and humbling to read their responses. They are thoughtful, touching and encouraging. They assure us that there is an army out there that knows exactly what a national, moral disaster the 1973 abortion decision is. They make it clear that the Court did not fool them with its evil, irrational, unconstitutional ruling cut from whole cloth, a ruling that imposed its own godless beliefs on the nation, leading America into a morass of immorality.

Pro-lifers foresaw the ruin of generations of women and the destruction of marriage. They saw the burgeoning of predator males with their freedom to kill their offspring in defiance of God’s law, “Thou shall not kill.” Mothers would destroy their children and fathers would become fops and playboys.

These Pro-Lifers have seen the slaughter, experienced the loss and lived with the suffering of post-abortive women. And they are fighting an ongoing battle to return this country to sanity.

I just wish every pastor, politician, doctor, newspaper editor, and every pro-abortionist, could read these comments. They would see that there are still good people in America working to put the lie to the abortion propaganda that says Americans support abortion. It is not true, and it becomes less true every day.

Abortion supporters are a sick, dying minority. Their days of polluting the soul of America are numbered. Most of you said you like the League because we are persistent, have faith in God, and have guts. That’s good enough for us. And we plan to work with those qualities until pro-life wins this battle—for God and Country.

I’d like to answer every one of these questionnaires personally, but there are hundreds. Maybe during the holidays.

Companies Admit Contraceptive Risks

Three years ago Johnson and Johnson – Ortho McNeil came out with a birth control patch, a dream come true for some women. Now, after blood clots triple the rate of women not on the patch, Ortho has to put out a warning about clots that cause strokes that in turn cause deaths—quite a few of them among young girls and women.

Records say 4 million women have used the patch since 2002. It pumps too much estrogen into the blood stream through the skin, causing an overdose of estrogen and thus the clots, strokes and death.

The patch was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, apparently without sufficient testing. A number of lawsuits have been filed by families of women who died or suffered blood clots and strokes by using the patch, and more suits are pending, lawyers say.

As has often been pointed outby us in regard to contraceptives and abortifacients, “You can’t fool mother nature.”

Meanwhile, condom companies are having to put a warning on boxes of their disgusting product, admitting that condoms don’t stop venereal diseases. Pro-lifers have been pointing that out for years, too. When will they ever learn?

Press Reports American Girl Story

A story about the League’s boycott of American Girl Dolls for their link-up with pro-abortion, pro-lesbian Girls Inc., appears in the November 14 issue of Newsweek, as well as U.S. News and World Report, World Magazine and other national publications.

The Newsweek story is balanced as to facts, but the slant is “poor American Girl Dolls.” What’s poor is American Girl’s decision to lower their standards by linking up with pro-abortion Girls Incorporated.

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