Frontline Documentary on Last Abortion Clinic In Mississippi

Happy All Souls Day. This morning we prayed at Mass and during our office, for all the faithful departed, and especially those who have died since last All Souls Day and that includes some great pro-lifers we miss very much, like our own Fr. Tom Commons and Elizabeth Lewis. May they rest in peace.

Dems Begin Anti-Alito Campaign

The Democrat Dragons are already breathing fire against Third Circuit Court Judge Sam Alito, fearing he may be too conservative for their agenda of prayer-less, child-less, gender-neutral society, which we surely hope he is.

Since every news-program and all the newspapers have been chuck full of information on Alito, and since the investigation has barely begun, we will not try to repeat on this Action News Hotline all you have heard and read, but only say that we hope he gets a decent, old-fashioned up or down vote in the Senate, a rapid committee hearing, and that he is duly confirmed by the full Senate.

Then we’re champing at the bit for another liberal justice to announce his or her retirement and get Michael Luttig on the court. That should give us our five, and then let the fireworks begin.

School Cancels American Girl Fundraiser

In the ongoing battle with American Girl Dolls, Fr. Frank Malloy at St. Luke’s Church in Brookfield, WI, who cancelled an American Girl Fashion Show due to their link up with pro-abortion Girls Inc., has already received 1,700 e-mails, mostly complaining about his bold but brave action. Fr. Luke was scheduled to be on the Drew Mariani program Wednesday afternoon on Relevant Radio, but we did not get a chance to hear him.

Trice’s Tripe on American Girl

Ann Scheidler has been doing the interviews for the Pro-Life Action League, and has been on Fox News, ABC World News Tonight, CNN radio, Relevant Radio, Sirius Radio, Newsweek magazine, the National Catholic Register, the Los Angeles Times, the Omaha World Herald, the Chicago Tribune (see Dawn Trice’s Column in Wednesday’s Metro section ), and the Chicago Sun-Times, and has been invited to be on Scarborough Country.

Speaking of the Tribune story, it is definitely a puff piece in defense of Girls Inc., as the next best thing an organization can do for little girls—get them all tied in with abortion, casual sex and the gay lifestyle. It does, to give credit where credit is due, start out with a description of our web-site portrayal of an American Girl Doll holding a pro-life sign, and ends with one of the most chilling final paragraphs since Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher.”

As she [Ann] spoke, I recalled the 1930-ish doll the Pro-Life Action League chose for its Website—a clear attempt to hearken back to some “wholesome” era of Americana. You know, that time before incest, abortions and homosexuality. That wide-eyed plastic time that even American Girl knows was mostly make-believe.

How cynical can you get? Does Dawn think real life is things like incest, sodomy and child killing, and that our society has made great strides with these perversions as the way Americans now fulfill their destinies?

Though Dawn tries hard to play down the League’s effort to help straighten out American Girl with a simple boycott and demonstrations, what she really succeeds in doing is to unwittingly make our point for us, and pique her readers’ curiosity and concern. Thanks, Dawn for your help in getting our message across.

Frontline’s The Last Abortion Clinic

The good news is that almost quietly, abortion mills are going out of business all over the country. Behind the collapse of the abortion industry are many pro-lifers just going about their life-saving business getting restrictive laws passed, counseling outside the mills, educating the public, changing the nation’s conscience.

Next Tuesday night on PBS there is to be a documentary entitled “The Last Abortion Clinic,” about the single abortion mill left in the whole state of Mississippi. Friends of ours have been working for nearly 32 years to make Mississippi the first abortion free state, and they may be on the verge of victory.

If Mississippi can do it, so can other sates. In some ways, as in Mississippi, Roe v. Wade has almost no meaning. May Mississippi lead the nation.

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