Parents Seek Alternatives to American Girl Dolls

The League held a half-day Truth Tour Wednesday in downtown Chicago, showing fetal and born baby pictures only and handing out fetal development pamphlets from 7:30 to 9:00 at Wacker Drive near the Opera House, from 10:00 to 11:00, on Lake Shore Drive near Buckingham Fountain, and from ll:30 to 1:00 p.m. at Daley Plaza.

Half Day Tour Shows Truth of Life

On this tour we used only live baby signs. Most reaction was positive, encouraging or indifferent, but surprisingly there were still some hostile remarks even over use of live baby pictures. Comments were hardly original: “How many babies have you adopted?” and “I couldn’t disagree with you more,” upon viewing a photograph of an eight week fetus.

How can one disagree with a photo of a developing baby? Don’t try to figure it out. Looking for logic in a pro-abortion comment is like trying to find the circumference of a square-circle. It’s not there.

Alternatives to American Girl Dolls

The American Girl doll company’s unholy alliance with Girls Incorporated is in the news, and efforts by the League and other pro-life groups, have to date been to no avail. Whoever convinced Wisconsin based American Girl Dolls to affiliate with Girls, Inc. the pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-lesbian organization in a fundraising program for the pro-abortion group, has more clout than we do.

Director Ann Scheidler has appeared on ABC World News Tonight, Fox News, WYLL talk radio, as well as in newspapers nationwide via the Associated Press, concerning this alliance. We have been in touch with the directors of both American Girl Dolls and Girls, Inc. to tell them to sever relations in two weeks or we will launch a national boycott of American Girl and protest at their stores in Chicago and New York.

Meanwhile, we have been looking for alternative doll companies as the Christmas holidays approach. One doll company we discovered that is comparable to American Girl, if not better, is Life of Faith Dolls from Mission City Press in Franklin, TN. We sent for one of these Dolls.

This is a relatively new company, very Christian, and each doll comes with a small Bible, with a verse from each book of the Bible. Their dolls are the same size as American Girl dolls, have books about their lives, and many accessories. Take a look.

The doll they airmailed to our office, Millie Keith, is first class. If you know of any other series in no way connected with abortion, give us a call.

In the meantime, the League is giving American Girl two weeks to disassociate with Girls Inc., and then we start the boycott, shortly after which we will begin picketing.

Miers Rhetoric Heats

In the ongoing saga of Harriet Miers, the anger and invective against her gets worse by the day. After Republican conservative attacks on Bush’s nominee for the past month, now the Democrats are getting into the act, complaining about her unsatisfactory and “insulting” answers to their lengthy questionnaire, and a revelation that Miers would likely try to overturn Roe, since she once joined in an effort to pass a pro-life Constitutional Amendment.

We do not envy Harriet Miers. For weeks she has been mocked, ridiculed, demeaned, and made a laughing stock by both Republicans and Democrats and by the media, and has been called everything in the book from unqualified to a token woman to a stealth candidate.

Senator Arlen Specter, pro-abortion Republican from Pennsylvania, says committee hearings will begin Nov. 6. Everyone is waiting for the hearings to decide if she has any qualifications at all to become a Supreme Court judge. Headlines say she may fail to impress enough Senators to pass muster to join this august group of geniuses.

I don’t know any more about her qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice than anyone else, but I do know that if they want qualified people like Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, and good old Sandra Day O’Connor, give me someone unqualified—please!

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